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Like father, like daughter: North West steals the show at Kanye West’s Sunday Service show

The rapper’s gospel-influenced performances will be making their way to Coachella’s second weekend.

Like father, like daughter: North West steals the show at Kanye West’s Sunday Service show

(Photo: Instagram/@kimkardashian)

North West, the scion of the Kanye West/Kim Kardashian empire, could be setting her sights on a career in showbiz as well.

The five-year-old grabbed the microphone and sang at the most recent Sunday Service, an invite-only gospel-influenced performance by Kanye West, on Sunday (Apr 7). His daughter, North West, sang Stevie Wonder's As along with a gospel choir.

Kardashian filmed a short segment for her Instagram Story, as seen in this reposted video.

Though Kardashian shares plenty of footage from the services, there is still quite a bit of curiosity surrounding them. When the Kardashian sisters were guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last week, the host asked them to explain, exactly, what the services were all about.

"It’s just a healing experience, a musical experience that is pretty moving. There’s not praying, no sermon, it’s just music,” said Kim.

“We have so many friends that maybe feel a little too judgmental when they go to church or something like that," added Khloe. “When they come here they feel so free and safe. It's a beautiful way to start your week."

Coachella revealed via Twitter last week (Apr 1) that the 41-year-old rapper will be bringing his gospel-inspired Sunday Service performance to the festival’s second weekend, with a slot scheduled for 9am on Easter Sunday, Apr 21.

“We were out in Palm Springs and they took us to a little campground, because we were thinking about a little performance in Palm Springs, just a little one. Then they had a mountain, he had a mountain waiting for us,” West told attendees, as captured in a video in the Coachella tweet.

Source: CNA/jv