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Liam Payne hints at One Direction reunion but Zayn Malik still a question mark

Payne shared that some of the members were trying to organise a virtual meet-up, but kept mum about Malik’s involvement.

Liam Payne hints at One Direction reunion but Zayn Malik still a question mark

One Direction in Singapore

Good news for One Direction fans – the band seems to be gearing up for a possible reunion in the near future.

The news was hinted at by Liam Payne, who on an Instagram Live with Swedish DJ Alesso after the duo released a new song called Midnight. Fans’ minds were on other things besides his new song, however, and pestered Payne with questions about One Direction.

“There's so many One Direction questions,” Alesso told Payne. “But I feel like I don't want to put you on the spot, because I know you can't say too much.”

Payne then shared that many of One Direction’s members were in London and trying to organise a virtual meet-up. Still, he remained mum about whether ex-member Zayn Malik would be joining the full group, and Payne joked that Alesso could fill in instead.

Malik had left the band under shocking circumstances in 2015 to launch a solo career, and shortly afterwards the band went on hiatus. There is hope, though, as fans noticed that the remaining members appeared to have re-followed Malik’s Twitter account.

Payne’s rather loose lips seem to have drawn a response from fellow member Louis Tomlinson. Earlier last week on James Corden’s show, Payne had also mentioned how he was “not allowed to say too much”, but that members of the band have been “speaking a lot more at the moment.”

Payne told Alesso: “I can't say too much. Louis told me off for revealing a bit of our plans the other day, so I had a group telling off on the group chat.”

Source: CNA/mm