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'I screamed and flew off my bike': Patricia Mok shares unpleasant night cycling incident

The actress took to Instagram to share about her experience last week with an "ungentlemanly" cyclist who didn't apologise after knocking her off her bike. 


'I screamed and flew off my bike': Patricia Mok shares unpleasant night cycling incident

Patricia Mok during one of her night cycling sessions. (Photo: Patdevogue/ Instagram)

For anyone keeping count regarding not-so-nice encounters with cyclists, you can add Patricia Mok's recent experience to the list.

The 50-year-old actress was cycling along a PCN route at around 8.30pm last Wednesday (Nov 24), when her eyes was blinded by the glaring lights of a cyclist coming from the opposite side. She was cycling with a friend. 

Without much time to swerve to the side, the cyclist's handlebar hit onto hers, knocking her off her bike.  

“I screamed, flew off my bike and fell onto the grass,” said Mok via Instagram Live, one day after the incident.

“Luckily, during my stunt years of doing charity shows, I know how to fly off and how to fall,” she said.

She was referring to her years in filming where the stuntmen would teach her how to land correctly. Mok is also not new to cycling, adding that she took extra precautions which included having her headlights on and making sure it's bright enough. 

And instead of apologising to her, according to Mok, he became downright "defensive", saying they were cycling together and that he was in the right of way.

Mok went on to say that his handlebar was long, and before she could finish her sentence, he cut in and said, “It’s a mountainbike! So?”, before scooting off.

This, of course, got her upset. She later explained that she merely wanted him to be “more careful” and have a better judgement of his distance.

Thankfully, there was a couple who saw Mok from the distance, and was kind enough to stop by and ask if she’s okay. 

Mok assured her Instagram followers that she's okay, before showing her slightly swollen finger. 

“If you accidentally hit somebody, offer help and take a look at the person,” advised Mok.

Apologise and see if it’s a serious injury or if the person needs help, she added.

"It’s not difficult to say sorry.” We totally agree.

Source: CNA/ss