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British baking show judge might lose half his fortune in divorce over younger woman

The Great British Bake Off's Paul Hollywood denies cheating with his now 24-year-old girlfriend, but had confessed to a previous affair with a Food Network personality.

British baking show judge might lose half his fortune in divorce over younger woman

Master baker and The Great British Bake Off judge, Paul Hollywood, stands to lose half his fortune in divorce settlement. (Photo: Instagram/paul.hollywood)

Something’s heating up at The Great British Bake Off and it’s not the oven. Paul Hollywood, one of the judges on the popular BBC cooking competition series, is close to finalising his divorce with his wife of almost 20 years, Alex, according to UK paper The Sun.

His estranged wife filed for divorce in Aug 2018 citing adultery after the couple separated the year before. They have a teenage son together.

The Sun reported that Hollywood has a net worth of around 10.5 million pounds ($S18 million) and stands to part with almost half of that, or 5 million pounds (S$8.6 million). His soon to be ex-wife is also expected to keep their marital home, which costs 2.4 million pounds (S$4.1 million).

A source told the paper that the divorce is expected to be finalised in eight weeks. “Alex's lawyers have been forensically poring over these latest accounts. After weeks of stand-off and wrangling, things are drawing to a close."

The 53-year-old Hollywood, who is now in a relationship with a woman almost 30 years his junior, has denied that he cheated on his wife. He insisted that his current romance with Summer Monteys-Fullam, a 24-year-old former bartender and equestrian, began after he and Alex separated. The couple began dating after meeting in a bar she worked in.

However, he has admitted to having strayed before. He confessed to having an affair in 2013 with fellow judge Marcela Valladolid whom he worked with on the US show The American Baking Competition.

He said in a BBC Radio 5 Live interview in 2014: "I did have an affair in America with my co-judge.” He also called it "the biggest mistake of my life, because actually I still love my wife."


Source: CNA/sr