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Pirelli calendar puts model muses at the forefront for 2023 edition

Australian photographer Emma Summerton snapped 14 models, including Ashley Graham, Bella Hadid and Cara Delevingne, for the 49th edition of the calendar.

Pirelli calendar puts model muses at the forefront for 2023 edition

Model Ashley Graham holds her picture on the Pirelli calendar as she discusses her appearance in the 2023 Pirelli calendar during a press preview at the 15th Century Bicocca degli Arcimboldi Villa at Pirelli's headquarters in Milan, Italy, Tuesday, Nov 15, 2022. The 2023 calendar titled "Love Letters to the Muse" was shot by Australia photographer Emma Summerton and features models representing their personal passions. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno)

Models return to the forefront in the 2023 Pirelli calendar, unveiled on Wednesday (Nov 16), with big fashion names including Bella Hadid, Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss among those snapped by Australian photographer Emma Summerton for the new edition.

Titled "Love Letters to the Muse", the 2023 Pirelli calendar features only models after a mix of actors, athletes, activists among other celebrities were snapped in more recent copies that moved away from past shoots of scantily-clad women to more artistic themes.

Summerton photographed 14 models for the 49th edition of the calendar, known as "The Cal", each snapped in a dreamy-like setting and embodying a different muse to which Pirelli said they had a close affinity to.

Computer programmer Kloss portrays "The Tech Savant" while Delevingne, also an actor, is "The Performer".

Emily Ratajkowski, who published her debut essay collection last year, is "The Writer" and model and athlete Lauren Wasser, who had both her legs amputated after contracting toxic shock syndrome, is "The Athlete".

"For the Calendar, I wanted to go back to the etymological root of the word ‘muse’. The muse originally represented the source, not just inspiring but also possessing talents in literature, science and the arts”, Summerton said in a statement.

She added she was “fascinated by women who do extraordinary, creative things, women who, starting with my mother, have inspired me throughout my life and throughout my career. People I’ve learnt a lot from: Writers, photographers, poets, actresses and directors. So my idea was to celebrate these extraordinary women and create a world in which to represent them.”

Other models photographed for the 2023 edition include Ashley Graham, He Cong, Precious Lee, Lila Moss and Adut Akech.

First published in the 1960s, the Pirelli calendar has a limited run and is usually gifted to the Italian tyremaker's clients.

Source: Reuters/sr