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Pokemon hunting in Singapore? There’s a taxi tour package to drive you around

SG Cab now offers to drive Pokemon Go trainers around. And for $160, this is as close to HM02 – Fly as we’re gonna get.

Pokemon hunting in Singapore? There’s a taxi tour package to drive you around

Catch a Pokemon, get a cab. (Photo: Facebook/Singapore Police Force)

Here’s something Ash Ketchum didn’t have when catching Pokemon. Local maxicab and minibus booking service SG Cab has launched a new taxi tour package for fans of the augmented reality mobile game.

SG Cab will take Pokemon trainers on a tour of Singapore, catching Pokemon and battling gyms across the island.

You can either book a solo tour or go Pokemon hunting with a group of up to 13 trainers. Each tour costs S$40 an hour and must be booked for a minimum of four hours, regardless of the number of people going.

For those looking to catch Pokemon that only spawn at night, SG Cab charges a S$12 midnight fee for trips between 11.30pm and 7am.

On its website, SG Cab claims that their tours cover “all the major Pokemon hotspots in the country” and their drivers “will wait while you catch the maximum number of Pokemon you can”.

Among their list of remote places trainers can visit are Sungei Gedong Road and Lim Chu Kang, purported to be a hotspot of “water, fire and earth Pokemon”. No earth-type Pokemon exist in the franchise, not even Geodude.

SG Cab has also launched the tour package in Johor, Malaysia.

With last November’s release of the Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee for the Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Go has seen a surge in players returning to the game.

Set in the Kanto region, the remakes of the 1998 Pokemon Yellow game lets players interact with the titular characters, along with all 151 original Pokemon creatures, their mega evolved forms, and their Alolan forms.

As of May 2018, Pokemon Go has received over 800 million downloads worldwide and 147 million monthly active users, according to The Pokemon Company.

Ready to catch them all? Find out more on SG Cab’s website.

Source: CNA/mm