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Rebecca Lim's mystery fiancé revealed

Other than his future bride, Matthew Webster is also passionate about cars and music.

Rebecca Lim's mystery fiancé revealed

Rebecca Lim and her husband-to-be Matthew Webster. (Photo: Instagram/Rebecca Lim)

A week after surprising fans with news of her engagement, Rebecca Lim has revealed her fiancé's face on Instagram.

In a post on Sunday (Nov 21) evening, Lim wrote: "We are humbled and grateful for the overwhelming love and support shown towards us, and for your heartfelt well wishes. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

The post was accompanied by a photo of a teary-eyed Lim and her husband-to-be, Matthew Webster, at their engagement event. His identity was confirmed via independent checks by CNA Lifestyle.

Previous photos of the event offered only obscure shots of 35-year-old Webster, but the latest post showed his side profile, after Lim told CNA Lifestyle she "definitely would want" to reveal who he was to the world. 

"I said to him: 'I would really want everyone to know who you are because I'm proud to have you as my other half and really want to share my joy with everyone who's been so happy for me'," she told CNA Lifestyle last week.

Lim, who is also 35, first uploaded photos of her proposal to Instagram on Nov 15. The proposal, which happened three days earlier, was a lively event complete with white and silver balloons, and marquee lights spelling out the phrase "Marry me". 

The couple first met at a friend's place earlier this year.

Not much is publicly known about Webster, who is described by Lim as "very private". But his LinkedIn page shows he is an Assistant Vice President at PSA Singapore and is a Monash University journalism graduate.

He also has two Instagram accounts. One is dedicated to his music – Webster is a drummer and guitarist – and another is dedicated to his Porsche 911.

Source: CNA/hs