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Six redecorating tips for rented homes that will not annoy the landlord

How to make a space your own when you can't put down permanent roots

As every home-loving soul knows, the limitations of a typical rental contract can be extremely frustrating when you long to put your own stamp on your living space.

It might seem difficult to make your rented space feel like a home given all the restrictions. One will always have to think twice before installing new fixtures or redesigning certain parts of the house.

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However, these limitations should not stop you from creating a space that suits your style and personality. There are simple ways to decorate your home which will surely transform the look of your place to make it more you. Don’t worry, these tips will not get you into any trouble with your landlord.


Because some house rules prevent you from changing the paint colour or wallpaper of your place, opt to create your very own art gallery or collection. It’s perfectly fine to hang art up – just make sure you use Command strips that don’t leave any residue. Look online for affordable art pieces – there are a plethora of choices to stores to choose from selling art prints, canvas prints and posters from independent artists all across the globe.


Your landlord’s couch is bland and boring, but you’re not keen on forking out half your salary to pay for a new one. Here’s a quick fix: Buy throws and pillows to inject some personality.

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Lighting is a top priority, and is often neglected in rentals. Lights have a huge impact on how you feel in your space, and if you want to come home to a warm and welcoming apartment, your lights need to reflect that as well. Choosing the right lamp and blub wattage are inexpensive and effective ways to add instant ambience to a room 


If you’re not one of those lucky homeowners who have beautiful floors, don’t fret. All you need is an area rug. This will cover any unwanted damage or unfixed portions of your floor. Also, an area rug with the right colour, texture, and print will add character to your place. It’s the piece that will tie your whole room’s look together.



If you watch television interior design shows, you’ll realize that designers and stylists always accentuate the living spaces they’re decorating with plants. Why? A strategically-placed plant can add life to an apartment, and make a home cosier. Don’t have a green thumb? Don’t worry. There are plenty of low-maintenance plants which are downright tough to kill. For instance, Monstera plants can survive in full shade, and only needs watering once or twice a week.


Storage baskets are a great way of keeping your bits and pieces organised, and they bring some flair to your living space at the same time.

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