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‘All is well over here’, say Elvin Ng and Romeo Tan after Taipei car accident

The two were overseas to promote their latest drama All Is Well when their taxi was hit by a bus.

‘All is well over here’, say Elvin Ng and Romeo Tan after Taipei car accident

Romeo Tan and Elvin Ng say they're "A-okay". (Photo: Instagram/elvinngchoonsiong)

Romeo Tan and Elvin Ng are set to return safely to Singapore on Sunday (Sep 1), after an eventful promotional trip to Taipei – which involved a baseball game and a car accident.

The two Mediacorp actors, who were there to promote their latest drama All Is Well, were involved in a car accident in Taipei on Thursday night, when the taxi they were riding in was rear-ended by a bus, reported

Tan and Ng sustained minor injuries but are fine now, and even attended a baseball game with their fellow cast members yesterday.

“It’s promotional activities as usual here in Taipei. All is well over here and we are doing fine, after medical checkups were done into the early hours of the morning and after sleeping off the shock,” Ng posted on Instagram to reassure people.

“A large tour bus rammed into our stationary vehicle from the back and we probably suffered some impact injuries but generally we are fine. Sorry for the scare and thank you to all the friends and colleagues and everyone who were concerned and asked about our safety. It’s heartwarming to receive all your well wishes and we are doing ok, so no worries!”

The accident happened around 7pm, when a bus slammed into the back of the MPV taxi they were riding at a traffic junction, seconds after stopping at the traffic light. The front and rear windscreens of their taxi as well as the bus’ windscreen were smashed.

“We were both looking at our phones and it happened out of nowhere,” Tan told “The rear windscreen shattered completely so the glass might have rained down on us. However, because it was an MPV that we were in, the glass fragments fell into the boot instead."

He added: “My left knee and ankle hurt a little. I’m just worried about the back of my neck because I felt a bit unwell right after the accident happened, but I’m feeling better now.”

Ng shared: “I blanked out for a while after the accident. I hit my head and my vision is slightly blurred right now. My ankle hurts a little and I just realised that my knee is bruised.”

The two actors have since undergone physical examinations at a Taiwan hospital, with Ng also going for an eye checkup and Tan getting an X-ray on his neck area. A police report was also made.

Source: CNA/mm