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Rui En cooks her 'gor' Dennis Chew a surprise birthday meal

The actress whipped up three dishes – amid lots of laughter – which the radio DJ and TV host later rated. 

Rui En cooks her 'gor' Dennis Chew a surprise birthday meal

Rui En and Dennis Chew. (Photo: Instagram/denniszhouchongqing)

On Sunday (August 15), actress Rui En shared two videos on Instagram of herself cooking for radio DJ and TV host Dennis Chew, for his 48th birthday. The 40-year-old actress was on a mission to surprise Dennis, whom she refers to as "gor", or older brother, with a home-cooked meal.

The first part of the video is basically Rui En navigating Dennis’ kitchen chaotically, starting with her struggling to get the rice cooker on only to find out that she didn't plug it in.

Her cooking adventures got a little smoother after she pulled up a YouTube tutorial but it took a turn for the worse when she accidentally poured away her mushroom sauce, which was crucial for a dish.

Throughout the videos, the actress repeated that this was the first time she was doing this for a guy. “I can’t believe this,” she quipped, “I've never ever done this for any of my boyfriends.”

Dennis responded to that in Mandarin: “So if you want to be Rui En’s boyfriend, you have to know how to do household chores as she messes up the whole place when she cooks.”

Rui En managed to whip up three dishes, which Dennis rated. She got 60/100 for her xiao bak choi, a strong 90/100 for her chicken mushroom dish and a passable 50/100 for her fried eggs, which, according to Dennis, was the first time he'd eaten an egg dish without any taste or seasoning.

At the end of the day, though, the best ingredient is love.

The celebration was also joined by Chantalle Ng, Desmond Tan and Chen Hanwei, who arranged for a last-minute hot pot spread.

Rui En mentioned in a separate birthday dedication post that Dennis was created to make people smile. “Thank you for being a part of my journey. Every time things get too dark and noisy inside my head, I know the guffaws and chuckles are just a car ride or phone call away.”

She may not be the best cook, but she’s definitely a great friend.

Source: CNA/sr