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Once upon a time: Watch Hollywood celebrities tell children’s stories online

The Save With Stories Instagram account features more than 168 posts of celebrities such as Kate Winslet, Chris Pratt, Jude Law and many others. In case you need help keeping the kids preoccupied.

Once upon a time: Watch Hollywood celebrities tell children’s stories online

(Photo: Instagram/#SAVEWITHSTORIES)

Stressed out with having to juggle work and taking care of kids at home? Don’t worry, Jude Law, Kate Winslet and other celebrities can keep your young ones preoccupied with a children’s book.

If you haven’t already checked it out, the Save With Stories Instagram account features some of Hollywood’s biggest names reading storybooks.

The initiative was started by Jennifer Garner and Amy Adams, who reached out to their fellow celebrities for help. It’s been a huge success so far, with more than 168 posts and 212,000 followers.

“I was picking up my daughter’s schools supplies and hearing sort of through news reports and different accounts about children in her school who were really going to be struggling during this time, and I just felt so helpless and I really wanted to do something,” Adams told Variety on the idea behind #SAVEWITHSTORIES.

She continued: “Someone said at this supply pickup, ‘Maybe we can read to each other’s kids online.’ And then I heard something on the news that it’s a great way to reach out to nieces and nephews. It sparked my imagination and I thought how great would it be if we could read stories and use it as a fundraising avenue to help children who are struggling during this time with not having enough food and not having enough resources to continue their education.”

And help they got, tonnes of it in fact.

So far, they’ve already gotten Chris Pratt, Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington, JJ Abrams, Kaitlyn Dever, Gabrielle Union, Kelly Clarkson, Chris Evans and Eva Longoria. Some of their more recent posts include stories read by Steven Yeun, Jude Law, Terry Crews and Frozen’s Olaf voice actor Josh Gad.

The initiative also doubles as a fundraiser for charitable organisations Save The Children and No Kid Hungry, with each post’s caption has an explanation on how watchers can donate to the aforementioned charities.

Source: CNA/mm