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Former City Beat co-hosts Kym Ng and Sharon Au reunite and spill secrets

This includes a reveal that one of them once turned up for work without wearing a bra.

Former City Beat co-hosts Kym Ng and Sharon Au reunite and spill secrets

Sharon Au (left) and Kym Ng on #JustSwipeLah. (Photo: Mediacorp)

The hosts of variety show City Beat, Sharon Au and Kym Ng, reunited in the latest episode of #JustSwipeLah where they spilled some tea on one another, including one from Ng that had Au quipping, “Why are you still alive?”.

It’s clear, though, that even though it’s been many years, the pair still boast great chemistry and comedic timing. In the nine-minute episode, the pair had to answer questions through a beer pong-like game. The first question was on how they met.

“1999 Great World City Show,” Au said, while Ng appeared clueless.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“She doesn’t remember the first show we hosted together!” Au remarked as Ng was seen still shaking her head.

When Ng was asked to share something unforgettable, she answered with no hesitation: “There was an instance where Sharon came to work without wearing a bra”.

The 46-year-old former Mediacorp actress looked on blankly and responded with: “Why are you still alive? I don't understand. Why haven't you been murdered by someone in these 20 years?".

The duo revealed that they got closer while filming City Beat as they met five to six times a week. Au, who recently returned from Paris, shared that back in the day, she would ask Ng out for a meal and be rejected.

“She said, ‘I’m very tired of your face’”, to which Ng quickly responded with, “No, no, I didn’t say that!”.

During the game, the pair had to re-enact the rap and dance from City Beat, which was a disaster as Ng messed up the rap.

“Your rhythm is wrong!” Au pointed out, while laughing. “This tells us that we shouldn’t attempt to revisit the past because it’s very embarrassing”.

At the end of the episode, though, the funny duo sang each other’s praises, with Ng saying that Au is very talented and smart.

Au also had lovely words to share about her former co-host.

“Kym is very hardworking. She doesn’t like to indulge in unnecessary things like gossiping,” Au said, adding that Ng is also “a very good role model”.

Source: CNA/sr