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'The greatest love of all’: Sharon Au shares sweet note to mum after being reunited

The former actress-host paid tribute to her mother in an Instagram post.

'The greatest love of all’: Sharon Au shares sweet note to mum after being reunited

Sharon Au and her mum. (Photo: sharonau13)

One of the most challenging things to do during the pandemic is travelling. From having to go through endless swab tests to being in quarantine for weeks, you would probably have a very good reason to travel. And for Sharon Au, that reason is her mother.

The former actress-host, who's based in Paris as an investment director, spent 18 days at Royal Plaza on Scotts for her stay-home notice, where she evidently found lots of content for her Instagram feed with videos of her playing the violin, guitar and piano; singing and dancing ballet to Swan Lake.

Sharon has since reunited with her mum and on Wednesday (Jun 30), the 45-year-old posted a picture of the two of them together. She captioned it: “The greatest love of all. My Mother. She has never imposed her dreams nor her fears on me. She never says ‘I told you so’. She lets me fly. She sets me free from all expectations. I love you mum”.

Can it get any sweeter?

Sharon first mentioned flying back for her mum in early June. On Jun 6, she posted a picture of herself with her luggage at an airport in Paris and said, “I’m flying home to see you Mum. Sorry to keep you waiting for so long”.

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Two days later, she shared a video call screenshot of her and her mother while she was in quarantine. “I think Mum is happy to see me! She is the reason I flew back but I have to settle for FaceTime for now. 21 days of quarantine is most necessary to protect my loved ones.”

Now that mother and daughter have reunited, maybe we can see Mum in some of Sharon’s performances?

Source: CNA/sr