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'Those days where I needed external validation is over,' says actress Sheila Sim

In a lengthy and candid Instagram post, the actress and mother of one wrote about re-evaluating her relationship with the platform.

'Those days where I needed external validation is over,' says actress Sheila Sim
Sheila Sim reveals in a recent Instagram post that she now relishes being in the present. (Photo: CNA/Darius Boey)

Actress and parent Sheila Sim aired her thoughts on social media in a lengthy Instagram post on Monday (Aug 30).

“It’s been a while since I last posted a picture of me,” the caption of her selfie began. “Without Layla, without Deon, not in home clothes, not without makeup. Just me, post motherhood, looking stylish, glamorous and unfriendly,” referring to Sim’s husband and baby girl.

The 37-year-old mother of one, who began her career as a model and later transitioned to acting, is no stranger to the public eye.

Best known for her roles in dramas such as 118 (2014) and Eat Already? 4 (2018), Sim has shared much of her parenting journey with her 165,000 Instagram followers. 

“While I must admit that it is nice to have chio photos to showcase on social media, however as I age, more and more do I relish being in the present. And that means, when I am with my daughter I spend quality time with her instead of trying to capture the perfect moment, and be spending quality time with my phone instead.”

Having been a parent for a little more than a year, Sim added how motherhood has taught her the importance of being present not just with her family but her friends as well.

“I am in that moment with them and myself. It is such a beautiful feeling to be able to be completely engaged in something I am doing, such a privilege to be spending quality time with myself especially after being a mom.”

For Sim, parenthood came with more than just the gift of a newborn daughter it meant re-evaluating her relationship with social media.

“It is unfortunate that in this time and age, people often do things for the sake of presenting it to the rest of the world. There’s this weird mentality of, 'if I don’t show then it doesn’t count because people wouldn’t know that I have done it… I’m proud to say, those days where I needed external validation is over.”

The actress first made her debut on the social media platform a decade ago, as a way to “document (her) life’s journey”. “It’s been through so many stages of my life with me… I am delighted that 10 years later, I've stayed authentic and shared only things that matters to me at that point in my life,” she explained.

Earlier this year, Sim wrapped production for upcoming Mediacorp series Live Your Dreams. Acting career aside, she has been an active advocate for positive psychology having conducted workshops with fellow celeb Jade Seah and The Positive Movement.

She ended off her post by saying: “Thank you guys, for being here with me all these years…. But here I am, what you see is what you get”.

Source: CNA/sr