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Which funny man just transformed his body for an upcoming role?

The diet caused 'occasional mild grumpiness'.

Which funny man just transformed his body for an upcoming role?

Guess who? (Photo: Twitter)

From Chris Pratt gaining abs for Guardians Of The Galaxy to Christian Bale losing 28 kilograms for his role as an insomniac in The Machinist, Hollywood has got an interesting list of actors who have undergone radical physical transformations for a role – and one British comedian has joined in the fun.

Simon Pegg surprised fans this weekend when he showed off his extreme weight loss and muscle gain for the upcoming film, Inheritance.

His personal trainer Nick Lower shared the photo on Friday (Mar 1) and included the caption: “Simon Pegg 6 month body transformation for ‘Inheritance’ Movie. The brief for this role was lean, VERY lean. It required a specific body shape & look.”

The 49-year-old actor retweeted the photo and commented that his new look caused “occasional mild grumpiness”.

The film follows the death of a wealthy patriarch and how his wife and daughter come to terms with a shocking inheritance that threatens to destroy their lives.

Film news site Deadline reported that Vaughn Stein is helming the film, with Lily Collins signing on to co-star after Kate Mara dropped out as female lead due to scheduling difficulties. Matthew Kennedy has written the script and Richard B Lewis is producing the film via his Southpaw Entertainment with David Wulf.

Source: CNA/mm