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5 condos in Singapore that make residents feel like they are on a permanent holiday 

Living in these condominiums will “transport” you to another country in an instant.

5 condos in Singapore that make residents feel like they are on a permanent holiday 

Villa Marina Condo ( Photo:

Some countries may have come out of their lockdowns, but travelling for pleasure seems all but impossible in the near future because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Not all lost, however, when there are condos in Singapore that will “transport” you to another country in an instant. Here are five condominiums in Singapore where residents can quench their thirst for travel and live out their wanderlust in perpetuity.


Villa Marina, 21 Jalan Sempadan

If your favourite holidays involve leisurely walks and sipping champagne while you admire gorgeous architecture, you’ll like Villa Marina. With pitched roofs, Georgian columns and French windows, its colonial architecture reminds us of a French royal palace. Or, perhaps a Spanish villa or an English country manor.

Villa Marina exudes the exact same aura of romance and grandeur that these foreign landmarks are known for. Several low-rise blocks face the courtyard, with shows-off pleasing and oddly satisfying classical symmetry.

The massive swimming pool is the centrepiece here: Tall columns draped in greenery surround the pool area, contrasting with the pool’s checkerboard tiling that add to the grandeur. It’s no ordinary pool either – there are jacuzzi beds, a massage waterfall and even a maze.

You can also head to Villa Marina’s Turkish steam bath or take a stroll around its sprawling, well-manicured gardens (it’s one of the larger condos in Singapore).


The Santorini, 21 Tampines Street 86

The Santorini (Photo:

The distinctive colour scheme of white and blue takes after Santorini in Greece, a town famed for their whitewashed buildings and bright blue doors. Contrary to popular belief, not all homes in Santorini sport the blue dome; only churches don these crowns.

The Santorini replicates Greece’s sun, sand and sea atmosphere with white cabanas and blue-hued hammocks. Most eye-catching, though, is the clubhouse: a low-rise white building with minimalist architecture. It reminds us of modern Greek homes that play with volume and simple lines. 

Situated on a grand lawn, the clubhouse features a rooftop BBQ deck and a gym. It is also linked to the lap pool and lounge deck. You’ll be forgiven for forgetting you’re in Tampines.

To top it off, the sky deck overlooks the lake of the former Tampines Quarry – no doubt a good spot for catching sunsets over a glass of wine.


Seletar Park Residence, 17 Seletar Road

Seletar Park Residence ( Photo: Aaron Pocok/ SCDA Architects)

Those who frequent Bali will know that there are two sides of the Indonesian island: its vibrant nightlife scene, and the quiet resort life filled with nature walks and meditation. When the sun goes down, the grounds of the condo look even prettier, thanks to gorgeous lighting design.

Seletar Park Residence, for one, looks and feels like a modern, luxurious resort in Bali. It is decked in timber and stone finishes, and features sprawling grounds adorned with shrubberies and tall raintrees. The cascading water installation even shares a similar silhouette to Bali’s terrace rice fields.

There’s also the Treehouse, a wooden playground that offers a vista of lush greenery on one side, and the clubhouse and its reflective pool on the other. And if you’ve never had the time to check out the clubhouse, a no-travel 2020 will give you plenty of opportunities to enjoy its golf simulation room, reading room, and the private dining kitchen.


Chelsea Lodge, 300 Tanjong Katong Road

Chelsea Lodge (Photo:

This condominium in Tanjong Katong looks just like the row houses in Queens, New York, right down to the red bricks.

With many developers now opting for high-rise buildings or blocks hidden behind gates and large clubhouses, the medium-rise and open architecture of Chelsea Lodge is considered a rare find. It’s situated on a fairly quiet spot, too, despite being near eateries and grocery shops. It’s also next to a landed housing estate, where you can go for a peaceful jog.

We imagine it would be nice to walk out and pad across the road for some breakfast, before exploring the eclectic Tanjong Katong area. There’s very few facilities in this condo, but the location provides plenty of amenities, such as the Chinese Swimming Club, within easy reach.


Castle Green, 418 Yio Chu Kang Road

Castle Green (Photo:

Yes, Castle Green looks more like a simplified Disney castle than the ones in Germany, but it’s close enough. Castle Green comes with spires (the pointed structure atop roofs) as well as blocky towers. And with its round pitched roof, the clubhouse also exudes a similar look. Even the colourful playground, which comes with a spire and a flag, looks the part.

Residents here sing praises for the pool; the crest-shaped swimming pool stretches across the courtyard, giving the users plenty of space and privacy to wade around. This is just one of the many country club facilities available in the condominium, which also includes two tennis court, a badminton hall, a squash court, mini golf range, and a sauna.

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