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Singapore's Desmond Ng wins Most Potential award at song contest in Vietnam

Ng and Daryl-Ann Jansen recently represented the country at the ASEAN+3 competition promoting cultural exchange among member nations.

Singapore's Desmond Ng wins Most Potential award at song contest in Vietnam

Daryl-Ann Jansen and Desmond Ng represented Singapore at the ASEAN+3 Song Contest in Vietnam. (Photo: The Celebrity Agency)

Local singer Desmond Ng won the Most Potential award at the ASEAN+3 Song Contest 2019 held on Sunday (Jul 28) in Ha Long, Quang Ninh, Vietnam. Both Ng and Daryl-Ann Jansen had represented Singapore in the competition organised by the national radio broadcaster Voice of Vietnam.

The singer-actor is no stranger to winning awards: He was the champion of the 2015 Getai Challenge and was also named one of the 10 Most Popular Male Artistes at Star Awards 2017.

Desmond Ng won the Most Potential award. (Photo: The Celebrity Agency)

Ng sang Never Left during the finals. He said: “This wasn't my first competition, however, to be able to represent Singapore in a foreign country is indeed another achievement for me. It's always a new experience each time I participate in a singing competition as it's a platform for me to rediscover myself and also refresh both my old and new singing techniques.”

Fellow Singaporean representative, Jansen, who was one of the finalists in the SPOP Sing! Competition, said: “I feel very honoured and thankful for the opportunity to participate in this contest and cultural exchange. It was a very humbling and eye opening experience as I got to know fellow musicians and singers from the various ASEAN countries, learning and creating memories with them.”

The singers also participated in various cultural activities. (Photo: The Celebrity Agency)

The first ever ASEAN Song Contest took place in 2017 with the aim to enhance cultural exchange among ASEAN member countries through music and a way to support the development of young talents in the community.

Apart from singing , Ng and Jansen also took part in various cultural activities. They visited Ha Long Bay and also got to hang out with fellow contestants from around the region, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines and also guest singers from Japan, Korea and China.

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Ng added: “The process was tiring, however, I felt very satisfied and happy throughout the three days in Vietnam as I had the opportunity to meet other contestants from the other countries. It was an eye opener and I'm proud to be able to get an award for our homeland Singapore, especially when National Day is just round the corner.”

Source: CNA/sr