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6 Singapore lifestyle brands band together to raise S$60,000 for migrant workers

A Little Community of Good, which is fundraising for HealthServe - an NGO serving the migrant worker community in Singapore, has already raised $30 000 within six days of the campaign launch.

6 Singapore lifestyle brands band together to raise S$60,000 for migrant workers

A Little Community of Good aims to raise S$60,000 for HealthServe, an NGO serving the migrant worker community in Singapore.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little community to do some real good. To support Singapore’s migrant workers during these difficult and trying times of COVID-19, six homegrown businesses – across the spectrum of lifestyle, fashion and food – have come together to raise funds.

Gelato cafe Birds of Paradise, independent bookstore Books Actually, fashion label In Good Company, ceramic studio Mud Rock Ceramics, and bakeries Edith Patisserie and Petit Pain got together to form the fund-raising collective named A Little Community Of Good.

Together, the collective aims to rally their individual communities and customers in a fund-raising campaign that will match public donations dollar-for-dollar (capped at S$30,000) with the goal to raise a total of S$60,000 for HealthServe.

HealthServe is an NGO that has been serving disadvantaged migrant workers in Singapore since 2006. They provide essential services such as medical and dental care, counselling, casework and legal support on employment-related issues and social assistance.

This includes offering subsidised health services to injured migrant workers not receiving health assistance from their employers. In addition to running clinics, they also run food projects and mobile health screening clinics at various dorms throughout the island annually.

All the funds raised from the campaign will go towards HealthServe’s general fund, which allows them to direct the resources to where they assess that the need is greatest, and yes, even beyond the aftermath of the COVID-19 and Circuit Breaker periods.

Within six days of announcing the campaign, the collective has already raised a whopping S$30,000.

According to a collective statement, the brands that comprise A Little Community Of Good all have one common goal.

“We might be different in our retail specialties, but are similar as small independent businesses that are like-minded in how we want to help,” they said. “The aim of this campaign is not to sell as we usually do, but to raise funds for HealthServe, whose experience, knowledge and connections allows them to serve our migrant worker population in a way that we can’t.”

The six local independent business all admit they have been individually hit hard by the pandemic and its effects. However, they all still felt that it was “important to give back what we can as for-profit businesses, and to rally the power of numbers behind our communities to do the same”.

“We also hope this campaign will create conversations and awareness of the migrant community's circumstances,” they explained. “And that our collective voices will effect change in improved conditions for all migrant workers – now, and for the future.”

The Little Community of Good campaign will continue to run until Jun 30, even if it achieves the fund-raising target of $60,000.  Other independent Singapore-based businesses interested to join the collective can get in touch with Sharon Wong at sharon.wong [at]

Here's how you can participate. Go to Give.Asia at

Source: CNA/gl