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Singaporean singer A-Do makes his showbiz comeback after suffering from depression

The singer, who will make his first public appearance at the upcoming Star Awards 2022 on April 24, has lost 12kg and said he is ready to return to the public eye.


A-Do, the Singaporean singer who gained stardom in the noughties for hits such as Dark, He Loves You Very Much, and Perseverance, will be back in the public eye soon.

According to entertainment portal, the 49-year-old's first public appearance will be at Star Awards 2022 on April 24, although he will not be performing or presenting.  

It was reported that he recently signed with the artiste management arm of local company 8028 Holdings and landed his first gig in a commercial for karaoke systems. 

He has been on hiatus for his depression, which he has been battling for 10 years. 

A-Do catapulted to fame in the noughties but quietly slipped away from showbiz in the 2010s because of severe depression and panic attacks, rendering him unable to perform in front of large crowds.  

The fat-shaming he began receiving from netizens because of weight gain from his medication, only worsened his condition.  

While he did make a brief comeback in 2018, it was fleeting, and when the pandemic hit, retreated from the public eye again. 

But it seems that A-Do is firmly on the mend and has been working hard to get back on track. He told that it was thanks to a friend, who dragged him out for workouts, that his mental health improved. 

Exercising reduced his stress and over time, the singer also lost up to 12kg and hopes to lose more.

A-Do, who released his last single, For the Sake of Love, in 2021, also revealed that he is currently working on new music, and has plans to hold a concert at the end of the year.

Source: CNA/pc