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Finished bingeing on Squid Game? Our predictions for Season 2 if there is one

Don't shoot us if we get them wrong. And warning – spoilers ahead!

If finishing Netflix’s hit series Squid Game is making you lose your marbles (it does bring to mind the heart-breaking Episode 6), we don’t blame you.

It can be difficult to keep still for the confirmation of the second season when all that creator Hwang Dong-hyuk has said so far is, “I don't have well-developed plans for Squid Game 2. It is quite tiring just thinking about it”.

You might as well have the creepy doll shoot us between the eyes, Dong-hyuk. Or just push us over the glass bridge – don't bother with the tempered glass.

The doll of your nightmares. (Screen grab: Squid Game)

There are so many questions unanswered (warning, spoilers ahead).

How is Player 001 aka Oh Il-nam related to the final player and protagonist Seong Gi-hun? Which B-rated series bin did they trawl for the foreign actors who delivered such stilted lines? Why the ah beng red hair at the end?

And we can’t accept that dishy detective Hwang Jun-ho lies dead and twisted at the bottom of the cliff like one of the bodies in the deadly tug-of-war.

Detective Hwang Jun-ho. (Screen grab: Squid Game)

Like the light seen through the back of a brittle Dalgona candy, Dong-hyuk did allow a glimmer of hope. "If I were to do it, I would certainly not do it alone. I'd consider using a writers' room and would want multiple experienced directors,” he told Variety.

Okay, we don’t have a writers’ room. What we do have are punters willing to bet on what Season 2 could possibly bring – just minus 45 billion won as the prize money.

The Dalgona candy that makes or breaks players. (Screen grab: Squid Game)

“Please lah, Jun-ho is alive. Kena shot in the shoulder only. If he cannot swim to shore with one bullet, he is not fit to be police,” texted Punter 002 in our group chat (“002” because we’re on theme, duh).

Like The Blue Danube that played at the commencement of each game, Punter 002 had signalled the start of the predictions. “Also, I think some of the players will come back as the guards because like the old man, they didn't show them being shot.”

“Don’t forget the VIPs. Actually, I hope they forget about them. Who talks like that?” texted Punter 003 with an appropriately pained emoji. "Wait, what if the new VIPs were a parody of real-life billionaires like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Jack Ma? Instead of going to space, they play with people's lives? Wah, evil!"

The ones at the top of the food chain. (Screen grab: Squid Game)

Ping, ping! It was Punter 004. “Remember the scene where we saw lots of files that recorded previous Squid Games? Maybe the next one will be on another island. Like Jeju! Chilling to think such ghoulish games are carried out next door to tourists buying abalone!”

“Eh, how is that a prediction?” Punter 005 jumped into the group chat. “I bet Player 001 is Gi-hun’s father and he left his Squid Game empire to him. But then, he has to fight Front Man for power. That’s when his brother Jun-ho is revealed to be still alive and becomes one of the players in the next game.”

Player 001 aka Oh Il-nam. (Screen grab: Squid Game)

“Yeah,” Punter 004 texted. “Think Gi-hun and the old man knew each other somehow. When they were playing marbles, the old man said the place looked like his home. Gi-hun also said it looked like the neighbourhood he grew up in.”

"Don't forget the orphaned boy, the cool North Korean girl's brother," reminded Punter 005. "This is a long game but maybe when he's all grown up, he gets in, wins the game and becomes Front Man. He feels like Anakin destined to don Darth Vader's mask."

The North Korean siblings. (Screen grab: Squid Game)

That was when Punter 006 texted a plot twist: "Gi-hun’s adult daughter will join the game as the main lead, revealing later in the story that her father has taken over the old man as the game master". Woah.

Now, the ball was rolling. "It'll be super cool if the show moves away from old school games to super high tech games. Digital games that alter reality as we know it," pinged Punter 007. "More of Gong Yoo will be much appreciated too!"

It was late in the game but Punter 008 texted a game changer that would give creator Dong-hyuk fodder for the second season: "The last thing we saw was Gi-hun deciding not get on the plane to see his daughter but wanting to seek revenge instead. I think he'll face Front Man, who will reveal why he’s doing this.

"After understanding Front Man's motivation, Gi-hun is given the choice to leave the game or help to design a new set of games, which he does, of course.

"Before the new games begin, the VIPs are invited to an opening night, hosted by Front Man. Gi-hun then knocks them out (including Front Man) by gassing the room. And ta-da, the tables are turned  the VIPs and Front Man wake up in the bunk beds and are now the players, with Gi-hun becoming the new Front Man and game master!"

Wanna bet if we're right or wrong? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, hold on to your green tracksuit.

Source: CNA/bk