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Spend a day at the beach with your Squirtle in this Pokemon ASMR video

15 minutes of the sounds of lapping waves and playful feet shuffling in the sand? Why not.

Spend a day at the beach with your Squirtle in this Pokemon ASMR video

(Photo: YouTube/Pokemon)

Many of us feel like we’re in dire need of a restful getaway. The folks at Pokemon know this, so they’ve released a series of ASMR videos – the latest of which features a companionable Squirtle on a sun-kissed beach, building sandcastles and playing in crystal blue waters.

“Do you long for a day at the beach? Take your Squirtle with you,” says the description of the YouTube video titled Squirtle’s Day At The Beach. “The sand, the waves, and the Wingull. What more can you ask for?”

Indeed, we’d be hard-pressed to answer that, as there are few things purer or more wholesome than these 15-plus minutes of lapping waves and Squirtle’s scurrying footsteps in the sand.

During this time, the water-type pokemon takes a leisurely float in the ocean, attempts to build a sandcastle and chases after a passing Wingull. And if you’re paying attention, a Kyogre appears for a few seconds as it leaps out of the sea.

The video description recommends earphones while watching, and also says, “This is our ASMR video offering, which we hope will help soothe your nerves in times of stress.”

ASMR, which stands for "autonomous sensory meridian response", is a phenomenon in which listeners derive pleasure from listening to unusually crisp sounds.

The Squirtle video is the fourth in the official Pokemon ASMR series; the last, released in January, features 30 minutes of Charmander snoozing by a crackling fire.

Commenters speculated that the next ASMR video to be released might star the Bulbasaur, the remaining member of the original starter trio.

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