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Star Awards 2022: A night of surprises for Chen Hanwei, Huang Biren and Brandon Wong

The three veterans did not expect to win this big or at all at the awards.

Star Awards 2022: A night of surprises for Chen Hanwei, Huang Biren and Brandon Wong

The Best Actor and Best Actress awards went to Chen Hanwei and Huang Biren. (Photo: Mediacorp/Studio 3)

The Star Awards took place at The Theatre at Mediacorp on Sunday (Apr 24) with the theme “When the stars align, dreams come true”.

And what an evening of surprises it was for the nominees, especially for Brandon Wong, who managed to earn the accolades of both hero and villain in a single night. The 50-year-old was officially named the Most Hated Villain earlier on in the awards show as part of the new My Pick! Awards.

But as the night progressed and the Top 10 Most Popular Male list was being filled up, Wong's name was unexpectedly announced for the 10th spot  he had waited 27 years to win his first Top 10 award.

Brandon Wong gets emotional with his first Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste award. (Photo: Mediacorp)

An ecstatic audience cheered as an emotional Wong accepted his award. "I’m worried that I have to wait for another 27 years for another prize," he said, wiping away tears.

Sweeping the awards this year was My Star Bride – Lin Meijiao took home the Best Supporting Actress award, while her daughter, Chantalle Ng, picked up a trophy for Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes. The series also won Best Drama Serial and Best Theme Song. 

"My name was the last to be called and I was very nervous," recounted Ng. "(My mum) and (actor Zhu) Hou Ren held my hand and gave me strength.

"I really want to congratulate my mum. I was more moved than if I had gotten an award. I really love her and feel so proud of her. I believe she’s also proud of me," she said of her mother's win.

    Chantalle Ng with her Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes trophy at the Star Awards 2022. (Photo: Mediacorp)


    And while there wasn't slapgate like at the Oscars, it was still stressful for host Chen Hanwei. "I was so very nervous and suddenly my voice went hoarse," he said. "It’s my first year, so I have gotten more attention but I think if I do it next year, no one will pay attention."

    In addition to working with overseas guest emcees, Chen also designed the outfit for MediaCorp's resident hunkle Zheng Geping. But the feather that capped his hat has got to be the Best Actor award he took home.

    "I really wanted new actors to win," said Chen. "I wanted to stand on stage and hand the award to someone young. When I got the award, I wasn’t unhappy; I just wondered why the newer actors didn’t have the same luck."

      Chen Hanwei, winner of the Best Actor prize at Star Awards 2022. (Photo: Mediacorp)


      Best Actress awardee Huang Biren was just as surprised by her win. "I bought many, many mirrors," she said of the preparation she did for her winning role in Recipe Of Life. "When I read the script and had the feel, I'd say my lines to the mirror to see if I could meet my own standards."

      As for her next project? "I’m usually at home with my kids, keeping an eye on their schoolwork. I only take on roles that I like and if my schedule permits. If I take a project, it’s because I like it.

      "I remember my teacher telling me that acting is like life. Think about what your co-star is saying and react. When you experience something, save it up in your heart. You might be able to use it in a future role."

        Star Awards 2022 Best Actress winner Huang Biren (Photo: Mediacorp)


        This year's Star Awards certainly had some high-tech features such as an AI-assisted robot that delivered trophies to the winners and special virtual appearances by Asian stars including Aaron Kwok, Carol Cheng, Jacky Wu and Moses Chan, who were beamed in as life-sized, three-dimensional holograms. Local personalities such Irene Ang, Jaspers Lai and Xiao Ming also took the stage to present awards.

          A robot presenting the Star Awards 2022 trophy for Evergreen Artiste Award to Xiang Yun. (Photo: Mediacorp)
          Zheng Geping and Dennis Chew get All-Time Favourite Artiste awards at Star Awards 2022 from robot servers. (Photo: Mediacorp)
          Star Awards 2022 show host Chen Hanwei interacting with a hologram of guest presenter Carol Cheng. (Photo: Mediacorp)
          Guest presenter Moses Chan bumps elbows virtually with Chen Hanwei at Star Awards 2022. (Photo: Mediacorp)

          Here's a look at the night's winners:

          Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes:

          1. Desmond Tan
          2. Romeo Tan
          3. Lee Teng
          4. Shaun Chen
          5. Ben Yeo
          6. Pierre Png
          7. Marcus Chin
          8. Guo Liang
          9. Xu Bin
          10. Brandon Wong
          The Star Awards 2022 Top 10 Most Popular Male and Female Artistes. (Photo: Mediacorp)

          Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes:

          1. Paige Chua
          2. Ya Hui
          3. Jesseca Liu
          4. Yvonne Lim
          5. Rebecca Lim
          6. Carrie Wong
          7. Hong Ling
          8. Cynthia Koh
          9. Felicia Chin
          10. Chantalle Ng

          Best Actor: Chen Hanwei (Recipe Of Life)

          Best Actress: Huang Biren (Recipe Of Life)

          Best Supporting Actor: Jeffrey Xu (The Takedown)

          Best Supporting Actress: Lin Meijiao (My Star Bride)

          All Time Favourite Artistes: Zheng Geping 
          and Dennis Chew

          Evergreen Artiste: Xiang Yun

          Best Programme Host (Entertainment & Infotainment): Quan Yifeng (Hear U Out S2)

          Young Talent Award: Goh Wee Ann (The Heartland Hero)

          Best Drama Serial: My Star Bride

          Best Entertainment Programme: The Inner Circle

          Best Entertainment Special Programme: Star Awards 2021 – Awards Ceremony

          Best Infotainment Programme: Cooking For A Cause

          Best Short-form Drama Serial: Mr Zhou's Ghost Stories@Job Haunting

          Best Short-form Entertainment Programme: Storyteller Behind The Wheels

          Best Theme Song: Wen Xi, performed by Jocie Guo

          Best Radio Programme: LOVE 972 – The Breakfast Quartet

          My Pick! Awards:

          • Favourite CP: Chantalle Ng and Xu Bin
          • Male Show Stealer: Xu Bin
          • Female Show Stealer: Chantalle Ng
          • Most Hated Villain: Brandon Wong
          • Perfect Combo: Chen Biyu, Dennis Chew, Marcus Chin, Mark Lee (Yu Jian Huang Chong Weekend Edition)
          • Most Attention-grabbing New Gen Host: Herman Keh

          Catch the repeat telecast of the Star Awards 2022 on May 1 at 3.30pm (Walk of Fame at 2pm).

          Source: CNA/bk