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Stefanie Sun holds surprise concert online to celebrate 20th anniversary

The Singaporean singer was supposed to launch a concert tour in June to commemorate the occasion, but plans were shelved due to the pandemic.

Stefanie Sun holds surprise concert online to celebrate 20th anniversary

Singapore singer Stefanie Sun. (File photo: Facebook/Sun Yanzi)

Local singer Stefanie Sun treated fans to a surprise concert on Facebook Live on Tuesday (Jun 9) evening. The day marks the 20th anniversary of her music career with the release of her first album, Yan Zi, back in 2000.

Sun had spent the day posting on social media. She first asked fans what should she do to commemorate the day. Many fans then chimed in to request for an online concert and even merchandise. She added that she felt loved and also thanked her fans for their support, saying, “What I’ve achieved is thanks to all of you.”

Fans who thought that was the end of the interaction were treated to a surprise when Sun took to Facebook at around 8pm to answer some questions and play a few songs, together with a group of four musicians who were wearing masks, in a segment that lasted about an hour. At one point, Sun also played the keyboard and sang.

The 41-year-old mother of two was supposed to launch an anniversary concert tour this year, which would have kicked off in June, including a Singapore stop. Of course, plans were shelved due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The tour would have been called Super Solstice, or "Jiu Zai Ri Luo Yi Qian", which is the first line from one of her songs, Eternal Love.

Her last tour ran from 2014 to 2015.

Watch her performance here:

Source: CNA/sr