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Save the date: K-pop band Super Junior starts countdown clock for comeback album

The group started the clock at 999 hours on Tuesday Sep 3, which means the album will be released on Oct 14.

Save the date: K-pop band Super Junior starts countdown clock for comeback album

(Photo: Facebook/Super Junior)

Super Junior are about to release their ninth album and to prepare the fans, they have started a countdown clock set for 999 hours starting on Tuesday (Sep 3). 

That’s about 41 days and change, which makes the date of the album release on Oct 14 at 6pm, Korean time. The comeback comes after their final member Kyuhyun ended his compulsory military service in May. 

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The band has also teased fans on Instagram with several posts showing glimpses of each member and the concept of their new album. Images include a pair of roller skates, Lego brick cars and an old TV set. Make of that what you will. 

The band is also premiering the third season of their variety show, SJ Returns, on Sep 9. Fans can get a behind-the-scenes look at the group's preparations for the upcoming album, as well as find out what individual members have been up to since the release of their last one, 2017's Play.

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According to Soompi, the series will show the members "choosing their title track, recording the music, practising choreography, and participating in photo shoots for the album."

Fans of Heechul may be disappointed to learn that he won't be as active in the promotion of this new release. He will be singing on the album and involved in the TV series but he won't be performing live or joining the rest of the band on the tour because of a leg condition as a result of a previous car accident. 

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