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Tay Ping Hui’s new Chinese wuxia drama out on Netflix on Jan 16

Handsome Siblings will premiere on Netflix, CCTV and iQiyi – with Tay joking that he’s the “biggest star”, at least on the official poster.

Tay Ping Hui’s new Chinese wuxia drama out on Netflix on Jan 16

The publicity poster for Handsome Siblings, featuring Tay Ping Hui's large (and fierce) face at the centre. (Photo: Handsome Siblings)

We’ve heard and read so much about Tay Ping Hui’s acting adventures in China – playing Genghis Khan in The Condor Heroes and being in Huo Yuanjia – and now we can watch him in action in his latest show.

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Handsome Siblings will premiere on Thursday (Jan 16) on Netflix as well as CCTV and iQiyi. Tay, who plays the role of Yan Nantian, appears alongside Chinese stars Hu Yitian (A Love So Beautiful), Chen Zheyuan (The Legend Of Zu 2) and Liang Jie (The Eternal Love).

The series is the latest show based on the popular 1960s wuxia, or martial arts heroes, novel Juedai Shuangjiao. It had been previously adapted in Taiwan and Hong Kong, including a 1992 movie by Eric Tsang featuring Andy Lau and Brigitte Lin.

Tay Ping Hui on the set of the period drama Handsome Siblings. (Photo: Tay Ping Hui)

Tay took to social media on Wednesday to proudly announce his latest acting effort, revealing that it took five months to shoot. He even joked about his face appearing front and centre on the publicity poster.

“Pretty excited about it and as you can see in the official poster I am the biggest star in the whole lineup,” he quipped. “Yeah, the one with the biggest face.”

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So what’s Handsome Siblings about? In the story, a pair of twin brothers are separated at birth. They grow up on opposite sides of good and evil before reuniting as brothers.

The Netflix trailer looks slick, with lots of traditional wuxia action. Unfortunately, there's no sign of Tay – fans will just have to wait until the show’s out.

Source: CNA/mm