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Tay Ping Hui has 'nothing against cyclists’, thinks current system can be better

The actor recently shared a two-part follow-up to his initial Instagram post where he called out a group of cyclists for dangerous behaviour.

Tay Ping Hui has 'nothing against cyclists’, thinks current system can be better

Actor Tay Ping Hui. (Photo: taypinghui)

Singaporean actor Tay Ping Hui has once again taken to Instagram to share his thoughts about unsafe cycling practices, after initially posting earlier in April about a group of cyclists he had encountered.

Tay shared two Instagram posts late last week to thank netizens for their support for his initial post, and to address the issue once again.

He wrote: "It’s been a while since my last post and the furore that followed was unexpectedly explosive. It’s absolutely heartwarming that so many people, drivers and cyclists alike, supported me on so (many) levels. Thank y’all for your affirmation!”

In his original post on Apr 1, the 50-year-old actor posted dashcam footage that showed a group of cyclists who came into his right of way without slowing down, which resulted in him having to brake sharply to avoid collision.

Tay then suggested that registration of bicycles should be mandatory in Singapore so that all cyclists will have a license plate for easy identification. This fired up a huge debate with numerous people weighing in on the necessity of such a measure.

He gave a more detailed account of the incident in his most recent post to show that he was placed at risk because of the cyclists’ irresponsible riding. Despite receiving support from the public, Tay also faced criticism from some netizens who accused the star of having a “big ego”. “One cannot help but feel the irony when so many of those who righteously chastised me for not being gracious enough, have done so with pretty ungracious words,” he wrote.

He clarified that he’s not the enemy. “I have nothing against cyclists in general. If anything, I actually think we should encourage cycling as a healthy, alternative way of transportation and leisure. That is why we need to move toward making it safer for everyone, cyclists and motorists alike, and the current system can definitely do much better.”

The actor highlighted the need to hold irresponsible cyclists accountable for their actions “because they are the primary culprits that are destroying the reputation of the entire cycling community”.

He ended the post by saying that cyclists and motorists need to “stop this degradation before it’s too late”, or else they will face “implementation of extreme corrective measures because of some major loss of lives, and cycling meets the same sorrowful demise as our beloved PMDs”.

Safety first, everyone!

Source: CNA/sr