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Swifties have unearthed more clues about Taylor Swift’s next album

The pop starlet's new album is now rumoured to drop on Apr 13.

Swifties have unearthed more clues about Taylor Swift’s next album

(Photo: Reuters/Steve Marcus)

"Let the games begin" so says Taylor Swift's Instagram caption. Which has got her fans in full sleuthing mode as they piece together clues to the pop star’s upcoming seventh album and discover that Swift may have been teasing the new era since October 2018.

Fans are convinced that the lead single from the yet to be announced album will be released this Saturday (Mar 2), with the full album arriving in October 2019.

The speculation first began last year when fans realised Swift’s official 2019 calendar has stamps on specific dates, namely the 13th day of April, May, July, August and December.

There is also a flower that rests between Feb 23 and Mar 2 on the calendar. Swift first began teasing the new era in photos from Feb 23 and could release a new single this Saturday.

Swift first posted a photo of her cat over the weekend, followed by a cryptic image of seven palm trees, captioned as such. The photos highlight pinks and greens, a marked difference from her earlier photos, especially the dark and red colours of the Reputation era.

Fans have also unearthed a photo posted by Swift last October, where she is shown playing Scrabble with her mother. Scrabble Day is set on Apr 13, coinciding with one of the marked dates on Swift’s calendar.

She is seen wearing the same white top in this photo posted just yesterday (Feb 27).

Some fans have taken this as a full visual communications reading, interpreting the seven palm trees and what they could symbolise.

There’s no end to the speculation, however. Which means everyone, fan or otherwise, will just have to wait for Mar 2 to roll around.

Source: CNA/gl