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What happens when The Flash tries to speak Malay – very slowly

Actor Grant Gustin struggles to say a Malay phrase and has to get some help from his Malaysian-American wife – and netizens (and even Supergirl herself) are finding their interaction hilarious and adorable.

What happens when The Flash tries to speak Malay – very slowly

The Flash, played by Grant Gustin. (Photo: Instagram/cwtheflash)

It appears Thor is not the only superhero who can speak a language from this side of the world. Actor Chris Hemsworth delighted his Indonesian interviewers during a 2018 interview when he showed off his Bahasa Indonesia skills. 

And now Malay-speaking fans of The Flash are fawning over actor Grant Gustin’s attempt to speak a phrase in the language.

Gustin, who plays the titular character of the fastest man in the world and his alter ego Barry Allen in the TV series, doesn’t immediately get it right but he deserves points for effort.

In a clip posted on her Instagram account on Wednesday (Jan 15), Gustin’s wife Andrea “LA” Thoma repeatedly swats at him as he laughs and tries to tell her “jangan kacau”, which means “don’t disturb” in Malay.

Thoma captioned her post: “one of my favorite videos - trying to teach G how to say ‘don’t mess with me’ in Malay. It always makes me smile.”

However, Gustin seems to have trouble with the word “jangan” as Thoma can be heard coaching him several times in the background.

Thoma is a Malaysian-American of Kadazan descent from Sabah on her mother’s side.

Fans found the interaction adorable with one writing in the comments: “The ‘ng’ in jangan. man we never realize how difficult it is.”

Even Supergirl herself, Melissa Benoist, found the video hilarious and commented, “Bahahaha”.

Watch the video for yourself to find out if he gets it right in the end.

Source: CNA/sr