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Tiffany of Girls’ Generation reveals how she deals with having scoliosis

The singer in the popular K-pop girl group now wants to help other young people who may be suffering because of the spine condition.

Tiffany of Girls’ Generation reveals how she deals with having scoliosis

Tiffany of Girls' Generation. (Photo: Instagram/tiffanyyoungofficial)

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany has opened up about what it’s like to deal with scoliosis, a condition that affects the curvature of her spine.

As reported by Soompi, the singer spoke with Seoul newspaper Hankook Ilbo following the release of her latest single, Magnetic Moon, and her concert, Open Hearts Eve.

She shared, “That pain and weakness became strengths for me. I practised twice as much as other people, took care of my health, and became a bit obsessed with fashion,” which, she admitted, was “to cover that up.”

When asked if it was difficult to overcome her condition, Tiffany revealed: “Rather than thinking I shouldn’t let other people know about my pain, I think the opposite, which is ‘I’m who I am today because I’ve overcome scoliosis.’ I also want to help young people with this if I can. There are a lot of people who are athletes, ballerinas, or models too that suffer because of scoliosis. But there isn’t much awareness about this.”

The 30-year-old also admitted that when she was younger, a doctor had told her that she wouldn’t be able to debut, but she did not take that to heart.

“I said then, ‘No. I’m okay. I’m going to manage this and do better.’ I adjusted everything about myself, like my body, my health, and even how I breathe and stand.”

In the interview, Tiffany, who is now based in Los Angeles, touched on her experience auditioning for acting roles in the US, and the frustration of having one fall through.

She said: “There was an acting offer I received recently that was almost at the point of it being confirmed. I was happy over it like it was a college acceptance letter.”

Unfortunately, she was deemed to look “too young” during the camera test and the project didn’t take off.

She added, “A project that I believed was all set also fell through, and there’s a lot of times when I feel frustrated.”

When that happened, she headed to the studio to work on music. “Music is still the space where I work through my feelings.”

Source: CNA/sr