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Actress Tina Fey says she ‘saved a man’s life’ after a kayaking accident

The star of the upcoming animated film, Soul, told chat show host Jimmy Fallon that she helped a man who had flipped his kayak and was floating in the Hudson River.

Actress Tina Fey says she ‘saved a man’s life’ after a kayaking accident

Actress-comedian Tina Fey. (Photo: Jamie McCarthy / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Getty Images via AFP)

Actress and comedian Tina Fey can add hero to her long list of accomplishments as she helped saved a man’s life this year. The 30 Rock star related the incident to Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday (Dec 16).

Fey was holidaying with her family in a rented house near the Hudson River in New York earlier this year when she heard a strange noise while having coffee on the outside porch.

She said, “I just hear something going 'help'”.

However, she wasn’t sure whether it was really someone calling for help or just the sound of a bird, so she got the rest of her family to come outside and listen.

They called the police when they heard the cry several more times.

The cops arrived, heard the same sound and took off to investigate. 

"We found out a couple of hours later that it was a guy who flipped a kayak in the Hudson and was floating," Fey said. "They found him a mile north in the river."

She then quipped: "Never kayak! Why? Why? Never kayak! The Hudson? That's not a stream. It's like a rat toilet!"

Fey is currently starring in the animated Disney film Soul, alongside Jamie Foxx. She has also written a new TV show called Mr Mayor, starring Ted Danson as a rich businessman who becomes the mayor of Los Angeles.

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