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Watch Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg hunt for hidden treasure in trailer for Uncharted

The live-action film of the hit video game franchise is slated for release on Feb 18, 2022.

Watch Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg hunt for hidden treasure in trailer for Uncharted

Mark Wahlberg (left) and Tom Holland star in Uncharted. (Photo: Sony)

After spending 10 years in development and with numerous directors coming and going from the project, the live-action adaptation of hit video game franchise, Uncharted, finally has a release date – and a trailer.

Starring Tom Holland as Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as his mentor Victor “Sully” Sullivan, the movie shows the pair’s early days as adventurers and treasure hunters in what’s conceived to be a prequel to the games.

Holland, the 25-year-old star of Marvel’s Spider-Man, posted the trailer on Instagram on Thursday (Oct 21). “Trust me when I say you ain’t ready for this movie,” he wrote, adding, “@markwahlberg and I are gonna take you (on) a huge adventure.”

The film also stars Sophia Ali (who plays Chloe Frazer, Drake’s love interest in the games), Antonio Banderas and Tati Gabrielle. It’s directed by Ruben Fleischer, who is best known for Zombieland and Venom.

According to the official description of the film, Drake and Sullivan “go in dangerous pursuit of ‘the greatest treasure never found’ while also tracking clues that may lead to Nathan’s long-lost brother”.

Uncharted, the PlayStation game series by developers Naughty Dog, was first released in 2007, and spawned several sequels.

In a statement on the PlayStation blog site, Naughty Dog co-president, Neil Druckmann, wrote that the film adaptation has “captured the spirit, spectacle, and heard that Uncharted in known for”, adding that some fans will recognise some of the humour, landmark, music and relics.

The post added that director Fleischer shared that he “made the movie for both hardcore fans of the game and those who are not yet familiar with the franchise and believe that both will be equally entertained by this incredibly fun and action-packed film”.

Uncharted hits cinemas on Feb 18, 2022.

Source: CNA/sr