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Chua Enlai, Hossan Leong, Kumar poke fun at Singapore quirks in new sketch show

Grumpy uncles, naggy aunties and scholars make the list in Toggle's comedy series, We The Citizens that also stars comedienne Judee Tan.

Chua Enlai, Hossan Leong, Kumar poke fun at Singapore quirks in new sketch show

Toggle's new comedy sketch show We The Citizens (Photo: Mediacorp)

It may be a case of hyper-representation – in the funniest possible way – in the new comedy sketch show We The Citizens, which premieres today (Nov 29) on Toggle and caricatures the types of people endemic to our society.

These include aunties, millennials, hipsters, scholars and members of the Pioneer Generation.

With an all-star comedic cast that includes Hossan Leong, Chua Enlai, Judee Tan and Kumar, these characters are instantly recognisable.

Leong says his favourite character to play is The Grumpy Uncle. “I get to channel everyone from my dad to every uncle I have – and have met,” he said.

Seems like Tan might enjoy playing the same character. Actually, she plays The Old Auntie, which is her favourite, because “I love playing characters very different from myself, be it in terms of personality, gender or, in this case, age."

"I had a hoot playing her,” she added. In real life, she confesses to be more "ah peh" than “auntie”. We can only imagine that means she enjoys plucking her chin hairs out using only a coin while riding the bus.

Chua’s favourite character to play is Randy Seetoh. "He’s the world’s best extra. He’s a parody of an actor, which is brilliant because some actors take themselves too seriously – while some producers don’t take actors seriously enough,” he quipped.

And on a scale of one to 10, how seriously does he take himself as an actor? “12,” he said.

Also getting in on the We The Citizens’ funny action are young actors Kishan, Kayly Loh, Michelle Wong, Chen Yixi and Rachel Wan.

Catch We The Citizens on, with new episodes every Thursday and Friday.

Source: CNA/my