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Westworld's Season 3 trailer is out – can you spot the Singapore landmarks?

We managed to spot an overhead shot of Marina One and the interior of the National Gallery, among others. Watch the trailer to see if we've missed anything.

Westworld's Season 3 trailer is out – can you spot the Singapore landmarks?

(Photo: Westworld; Art: Jasper Loh)

Only androids would say “It doesn’t look like anything to me” after watching Westworld’s Season 3 trailer, which dropped on Friday (Feb 21).

Knowing that parts of the latest season were filmed in Singapore, we just had to scan through all 2m 50s of the trailer to pick out any landmarks we could find.

Co-creator Lisa Joy told CNA Lifestyle in an earlier interview that they "needed to get on a plane and travel 19 hours (to Singapore) because there’s nowhere else like this."

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And we're happy to report that our little red dot featured quite prominently in the trailer – albeit with some digital alterations. 

Oasia Hotel in Westworld Season 3's trailer. (Photo: Youtube/HBO)

The first location appears around 35 seconds – an aerial shot of what looks like the Oasia Hotel. Its facade covered in greenery definitely blends the natural beauty and futuristic look that the show’s creators were looking for.

Overhead shot of Marina One in the Westworld trailer. (Photo: Youtube/HBO)

The next location appears 47 seconds in, a brief but distinct overhead shot of Marina One. The futuristic-looking building had first appeared in the Comic-Con trailer in July 2019. While it might not be much – there aren’t any characters in this shot – a second appearance in a trailer does lend us some hope that the location could be a recurring one during the series.

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Look familiar? (Photo: Youtube/HBO)

Further along, at the 1m 52s mark, we see an explosion happen at what looks like the Parkroyal on Pickering. We're not completely sure, but if it was, luckily the explosion is just CGI. We wouldn’t want bits of concrete raining down on Pickering St. (Update: An eagle-eyed reader has told us this was actually at Marina One.)

Aaron Paul joins the Westworld cast in Season 3. This appears to have been shot inside the National Gallery. (Photo: Youtube/HBO)

Also appearing in the trailer at 2 min 8s is the inside of the National Gallery. We also caught a brief glimpse of what appears to be Robinson Road, and what looks to be the walkway near the Merlion.

What looks like the streets of Singapore in the trailer. (Photo: Youtube/HBO)

The production crew had previously arrived in Singapore for shoot dates from Jul 1 to 9, and eagle-eyed fans spotted stars such as Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright and Luke Hemsworth, who will be returning as series regulars for the third season. Joining the cast this season is Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul.

The third season of Westworld begins on Mar 15. This time, the characters leave the confines of the titular theme park to venture into the real world.

Check out the trailer to see if we've missed anything. 

Source: CNA/sr