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Game Of Thrones confessions: Who stole what on their last day at work

A Dothraki sword, faceless man coins, and the "huge spoiler for Season 8" Sophie Turner told CNA Lifestyle she pilfered – that now resides in the depths of her wallet.

Game Of Thrones confessions: Who stole what on their last day at work

Did the Game Of Thrones's cast take home any props or mementos after the series finale? (Photo: HBO Asia)

It is the winter that never stops coming, the door that will not hold and the show that pays all its debts.

And after eight thrilling seasons of impenetrable plotting and psychosexual perversion, Game Of Thrones (GOT) is finally coming to an end.

With all its queens, kings, dragons, battles, murders, violence, seduction and magic, GOT will go down in history as the show that ultimately rewrote the rules of what it was possible to achieve on television.

Ever since its launch in 2011, the incredible medieval fantasy drama adapted from George R R Martin’s novels has not only become a worldwide phenomenon that boasts legions of international die-hard fans, it is also a consistent ratings juggernaut and multiple award-winner for cable network HBO.

But not only has the series changed the landscape of television, it has also most certainly changed the lives and careers of each and every actor involved.

Which is why no one should be surprised that the stars of the series were determined to keep some of their most beloved possessions from the set as mementos of their life-changing experience, now that it’s all finally over.


And it turns out that the GOT prop department were pretty generous with a select few cast members.

Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, told CNA Lifestyle during an interview in London that she “kept (her) corset”.

“And I kept a scroll as well!” she confessed with a smile. “Bryan from props gave it to me on the last day. He said, ‘Here, take this scroll', so I took it!”

“But it’s a huge spoiler for season eight,” she continued conspiratorially. “So I kept it away in the depths of my wallet, never to be seen by anyone!”

Her co-star Maisie Williams, who plays Sansa's sister Arya Stark, was visibly impressed by Turner’s confession.

“Oh, you did? Wow!” she exclaimed to Turner, who is also her good friend in real life. “Ugh. Over the years, I’ve definitely accumulated a lot of thermals”.

Williams did however, reveal that she also managed to take a lot of the “faceless man coins”.

“I also took one of those breakaway sticks in season one, you know when I hit Joffrey over the back?” she said.  “I asked, ‘Can I have one just to keep?’ Then we didn’t use them at all and now I just have a breakaway stick in my house that I haven’t broken away yet!”


Liam Cunningham also managed to come away with a few treasures. The actor who plays Ser Davos Seaworth had said in a previous interview that he “grabs a prop every year". 

"Actually, I don’t think of it as grabbing, I think of it as liberating them,” he shared. 

He confessed to CNA Lifestyle that he has since “liberated” several more items and “found a new home” for them.

“I got the Dothraki sword,” he revealed. “And I’ve also pinched the stag that I give Shireen (Baratheon). It’s the one that I carve and also the burnt one that I find in the ashes. I have that and now it’s on my daughter’s wall of awesome.”

Unfortunately, all Richard Dormer, who plays Beric Dondarrion, managed to get away with was an eyepatch.

“It's just this little sweaty, greasy thing!” he shared with a laugh. “It’s an eyepatch and I wanted my sword! So Tommy, if you’re out there, can I please get my sword? I think I deserve it, I worked hard.”


Some cast members weren’t as lucky, like Carice Van Houten who plays Melisandre of Asshai.

“Maybe some thermal underwear but nothing else,” she said. “ I would have loved Melisandre’s (mystical and youth-giving) necklace. The necklace was real! But unfortunately I don’t have it.”

Even Gwendoline Christie, who plays the morally upright Brienne of Tarth, walked away empty handed.

“I absolutely asked and begged for the Oathkeeper, of which there are several, but very sadly, that’s not something that’s in my possession,” she revealed.

And like her character, she perfectly rationalised why she departed the series with “nothing at all”.

“Well because you know, it was very firmly, uh, illustrated to us and rightfully so, that all those things belong to HBO,” she said with a smile. “So I can only dream that one day I can purchase my own Oathkeeper.”

The final season of Game of Thrones will debut in Asia, same time as the US, on Apr 15, 9am (Singapore time) with a same-day encore at 10pm, exclusively on HBO Go on Toggle and HBO

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