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Take a look at Wonder Woman’s gold costume change for the 2020 sequel

Gal Gadot gets a new wardrobe that’s a little bit disco and a little bit rock and roll in Wonder Woman 1984, set during the Cold War.

Take a look at Wonder Woman’s gold costume change for the 2020 sequel

Wonder Woman is getting a new outfit for the 2020 sequel. (Photo: Warner Bros)

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot will be sporting a new look in the sequel, Wonder Woman 1984. The movie’s filmmaker, Patty Jenkins, recently tweeted a photo of the actress looking sharp in the new gold costume.

Along with the photo reveal, Jenkins also announced that the film will not make an appearance at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. “We’re so sad to miss you there! And waiting until Dec to start our official #WW84 campaign in full. But the truth is… we can just… barely… wait…”

Gadot posted the same teaser picture on Instagram, calling it “a little gift” to the fans.

According to Indiewire, the new look may be the Gold Armour, or Golden Eagle Armour, that appears in the comic books and if that is indeed the case, it could mean that Wonder Woman will have the ability to fly in the new movie.

The new outfit is a different look from the previous red and blue suit Gadot wore in the first film, but according to Deadline, this is common for the DC superhero who has always worn different costumes in the comics as well as in screen adaptations. On the 1970s TV series starring Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman sometimes wore a sleek blue suit for stealth missions.

The sequel to the 2017 smash hit is slated for release in Jun 2020. The new movie is set in the Cold War era and will see Wonder Woman going against a new foe, Cheetah, played by Kristen Wiig.



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