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WWE wrestler Jordan Myles quits in video rant, says he won’t work for ‘racists’

He announced he was 'no longer an employee' of the company in the expletive-filled video on Twitter. He has since deleted his account.

WWE wrestler Jordan Myles quits in video rant, says he won’t work for ‘racists’

Former WWE wrestler Jordan Myles, real name Albert Christian Hardie Jr. (Photo: Twitter/gogomyles)

Wrestler Jordan Myles – whose real name is Albert Christian Hardie Jr – dropped an expletive-filled video on Twitter to announce that he’s leaving the WWE.

In the 45-sec video, which he posted on Wednesday (Nov 13), Hardie declared that he was quitting the WWE: “As of today... I am no longer an employee.”

He started to say, “I refuse to work for racists…” before pausing to take a few deep breaths. He then began an expletive-filled rant, which included the line, “I hate that f***ing company and everything they f***ing stand for.”

Hardie has since deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

He has been wrestling for 10 years and rose to prominence through the independent circuit, where he was known as ACH. He started working for WWE in February.

In the video, he also said that he would like to be known by his former name: “Screw Jordan Myles, don’t ever call me by that slave name.”

His follow-up tweet was a lot more printable: “Here is a more PG version of my live announcement: I QUIT!”

Hardie had called out his former employer on social media several times before. In October, he tweeted about a WWE T-shirt that he felt was racially insensitive.  

In another incident, he called out the WWE for rehiring Hulk Hogan even though the veteran wrestler had been caught repeatedly using the N-word.

“The fact that @HulkHogan is still employed after giving the locker room an apology for being caught says enough,” Hardie tweeted.

Source: CNA/sr