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Actress Ya Hui loses AirPods while filming at Jewel, tracks it all the way to Australia

“Lesson learnt: Don’t leave anything behind,” Ya Hui wrote in an IG Story update.

Actress Ya Hui loses AirPods while filming at Jewel, tracks it all the way to Australia

Actress Ya Hui had left behind her pouch, which contained her AirPods Pro, after filming. (Photo: Instagram/yahuiyh)

Local actress Ya Hui, 35, learnt a pretty painful lesson earlier this week, after leaving her pouch behind while filming at Jewel Changi. 

Unfortunately for Ya Hui, whoever picked up the pouch  which contained her AirPods Pro  had zero intention of returning anything.

In a series of posts on her Instagram Story, Ya Hui shared updates on the whereabouts of her AirPods, first revealing that the location of her AirPods – which retails for around S$360 – were last updated at the departure terminal of Changi Airport’s Terminal 3.

“To the person who didn’t return the lost pouch, why [you] never bring me along? I would love to fly with you too,” wrote Ya Hui, who is currently shooting an upcoming Mediacorp drama, .

It seems like Ya Hui had just bought the AirPods, with the actress lamenting in a subsequent post that the accessories that came bundled with her earpieces were all unopened.

According to Apple, while you are able to track the location of your lost or stolen AirPods through the Find My app, you cannot prevent the AirPods from being used by whomever took it. 

“Lesson learnt: Don’t leave anything behind,” she wrote.

Then, 12 hours later, Ya Hui returned with another update.

The person with the AirPods had touched down in their destination country, and was in a suburb in Perth, Australia.

“Wow! In Aussie now! I wonder where you are from…” the actress added, addressing the international thief.

Guess they’re busy enjoying their ill-gotten AirPods now…

This story was originally published in 8Days.   

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Ya Hui's AirPods have left the country. (Photo: Instagram/yahuiyh)
Source: 8 Days/sr