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One of Zoe Tay’s dogs is going blind, but the star says, ‘I am here with you’

Pepper, the Scottish Terrier, has cataracts in both eyes, according to the local actress. 

On Thursday (Aug 19), Zoe Tay put up a social media post about her six-year-old Scottish Terrier, Pepper, also known as Niu Niu. According to the actress, Niu Niu has cataracts, which is “causing blindness in both eyes”.

Because of this, Niu Niu has become “very sensitive and emotional, needing more care and consideration”, Ah Jie said.

Despite this, Pepper is easily adaptable and continues to move around actively in the house, she added.

“My adorable Niu Niu, you may be fighting this without your sight, but don't be afraid, I am here with you,” Tay wrote. The 53-year-old actress also mentioned that Niu Niu has lost healthy weight, encouraging the pooch with, “Keep it up, Niu Niu”.

Tay added a series of hashtags at the end of her post such as “fat Niu becomes blind Niu” and “blind Niu still bites”.

Netizens showed their support and love in the comments section, with one person saying: “Pepper jia you. It takes great patience due to her condition. Continue to love her and adore her”.

Source: CNA/sr