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Veteran actress Zoe Tay joins CNA journalists on their walk around Singapore

The star was a surprise guest on Day 3 of the five-day trek around the island.

Veteran actress Zoe Tay joins CNA journalists on their walk around Singapore

Actress Zoe Tay and CNA journalist Matthew Mohan walking through the Expo area on Day 3 of the Singapore on Foot expedition. (Photo: Gaya Chandramohan)

CNA journalists Matthew Mohan and Gaya Chandramohan embarked on a 110km walk around Singapore on Monday (Oct 12) to see up close and personal what the country has to offer.

Throughout the walk, slated to take five days, supporters have been leaving comments online with words of encouragement and even suggestions of what the duo should explore along the route.

And it appears, along the way, they’ve also encouraged a huge star to join them.

Veteran Mediacorp actress Zoe Tay got in touch with CNA to express her interest in joining Matthew and Gaya on a portion of their walk and on Wednesday morning just after 7am, she did just that. 

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Tay – who had been documenting her own treks in the MacRitchie Reservoir area with several friends whom she refers to as her “walking kaki”, including fellow celebrities Belinda Lee and Chen Xiuhuan – told CNA Lifestyle why she decided to come along.

She said: “I would like to explore this little island of ours, using both my feet and taking in the wonderful sights along the journey. Recently I'm quite into walking and I have been to several trails; it's fun and it's a great way to stay healthy.”

The third day of the trek will see Matthew and Gaya walking from Singapore Expo to Yishun, although Tay will only be with them for a portion of that route. 

The 52-year-old actress is imparting some words of wisdom to her new "walking kakis" Matthew and Gaya, including this gem: "Do everything very slowly – that's why turtles have a long life".

To find out what else is happening on their walk, check out Day 3's live blog

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