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Eminem under fire for rap about Ariana Grande and the Manchester bombing

Manchester mayor Andy Burnham has hit out at Eminem for an "unnecessarily hurtful and deeply disrespectful" lyric about the 2017 bomb attack in the city.

Eminem under fire for rap about Ariana Grande and the Manchester bombing

Eminem. (Photo: AFP/Theo Wargo)

Rapper Eminem is under fire for making light of the Manchester concert bombing in May 2017.

Twenty-two people died when a suicide bomber attacked a crowd after Ariana Grande's concert.

In Unaccommodating – the new track from Eminem's surprise album Music to Be Murdered By, the 47-year-old used an insensitive lyric in which he compares himself to that suicide bomber.

The lyrics of Unaccommodating include the line: "But I'm contemplating yelling 'bombs away' on the game like I'm outside of an Ariana Grande concert waiting." The controversial lyric is then followed by the sound of an explosion.

In a statement to BBC News, Manchester mayor Andy Burnham said: "This is unnecessarily hurtful and deeply disrespectful to the families and all those affected."

In a separate report by CNN, the mother of Charlotte Hodgson, a teenager who died in the Manchester attack, called the song  "disgusting" and "disrespectful."

Fans were quick to condemn the lyrics on social media, according to a report by E News. "I wish I could unhear this. This is so low and disgusting. This isn't something to joke about for money and clout! I can't believe this would even cross his mind," one upset fan tweeted. Another chimed in, writing, "I don't see the need to use something that hurt so many to generate money and take it as a mockery #EminemIsOverParty."

Even Eminem own fans took to the internet to voice their outrage: "I love Eminem but this guy really has a bar in his new song mocking the Ariana Grande concert bombing and then has an explosion noise straight after."

Grande has yet to comment on the rapper's lyric, but she's been very vocal about how the tragedy has affected her. One year after the devastating attack, she opened up about the aftermath in an emotional interview with Time Magazine, saying, "There are so many people who have suffered such loss and pain. The processing part is going to take forever…Music is supposed to be the safest thing in the world. I think that's why it's still so heavy on my heart every single day."

In the same E News report, it was highlighted that the controversial lyric actually coincides with the overall theme for his 11th studio album, which was inspired by the 2017 Las Vegas shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival.

After dropping the album unannounced on Friday (Jan 17), the Slim Shady rapper also released the music video for his song Darkness The video eerily alludes to the mass shooting, which killed 59 people, by depicting a shooting at a concert. It also features news broadcasts from other recent mass shootings and urges viewers to vote in favor of gun reform legislation.

"When will this end? When enough people care," the text at the end of the video reads. "Register to vote at Make your voice heard and help change gun laws in America." On his website, Eminem also encourages fans to visit gun violence prevention organizations like Everytown for Gun Safety and Sandy Hook Promise.