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Selena Gomez Just Broke Instagram’s Record

Beating out her ex Justin Beiber for most-liked photo

Sorry Justin Beiber and Kendall Jenner – Selena Gomez officially has the most-liked Instagram photo of all time. This follows her record-breaking streak since March, when she dethroned BFF Taylor Swift to become the most followed person on Instagram. As of today, Gomez’s fan count is an impressive 89.2 million (Swift has 85.2 million).

Thanks to her wide-reaching fan base, one of Gomez’s recent posts garnered a whopping 4 million likes. In this picture, the pop star is holding a Coke bottle inscribed with “You’re the spark”, lyrics from her song, “Me & The Rhythm”. The likes surpassed other Instagram records – before this post, the most-like post (3.7 million) was a blurry picture of Jelena kissing, posted by Justin Beiber himself.

With her amazing carpool karaoke skills and savvy fashion style, we’re sure that there will be more record-breaking feats to come from the Insta-queen.

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