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Singapore Parenting Festival 2023: Learn about pregnancy, breastfeeding, child development and PSLE prep

The two-week virtual event from April 24 to May 5 has experts discussing topics such as breastfeeding, preparing your child for PSLE, and how to set up guidelines for healthy screen time for your kids.  

Singapore Parenting Festival 2023: Learn about pregnancy, breastfeeding, child development and PSLE prep

This year's Singapore Parenting Festival puts the spotlight on the well-being of both children and parents. (Photo: iStock/JimmyFam)

The Singapore Parenting Festival 2023 returns for its third run, featuring a range of speakers sharing their expertise over eight free webinars. Topics include pregnancy, confinement, breastfeeding, childcare and the PSLE. 

Jointly organised by Mediacorp and parenting platform theAsianparent, the virtual event runs from Apr 24 to May 5. Each webinar begins at 8pm.


  • Pregnancy

Apr 25: Pregnancy made easy: A journey of new discovery

Get insights on how to prepare for labour and delivery, whether you’re a first-time mum or have been through pregnancy before.

Speaker: Dr Wong Boh Boi, the founder of ParentCraft who’s also a senior lactation consultant.

  • Breastfeeding 

Apr 26: Newbie to boobie: Be a breastfeeding pro

Explore the aspects of breastfeeding, from how to get started with your newborn to how to continue breastfeeding when you return to work. 

Speaker: Yvon Bock, an international board certified lactation consultant and founder and CEO of Hegen.

  • Postpartum care

Apr 27: Baby's out! What's next?

Explores the needs of a postpartum body - how mums can recover holistically from childbirth, and tips to cultivate healthy newborn sleeping habits to allow the family more quality time together.

Speakers: Eunice Tan, a certified dietician from Tian Wei Signature; Leann Low, a Sleep Sense certified baby sleep consultant at Sleepybubba.


  • Conceiving

Apr 24: Getting Pregnant 101: Are you working hard or smart?

A fertility expert and two women who successfully conceived speak about the challenges of getting pregnant, the fertility treatments available and more.  

Speakers: Dr Janice Tung, consultant obstetrician and gynecologist and accredited IVF specialist from The O&G Specialist Clinic, Thomson Fertility Centre; Rafidah Jalil and Angelene Hermann, members of Fertility Support SG.

  • Children and technology

May 2: Growing up with technology: How much is too much?

What’s the impact of excessive screen time, gaming addiction and myopia on a child’s development? Find out how parents can set boundaries when their kids use their e-devices.  

Speakers: Alsen Chanamuto, engagement manager at Centre for Fathering; optometrist Dr Koh Liang Hwee.

One of the webinars will discuss how parents can provide guidelines for their children when they use e-devices. (Photo: iStock/Koh Sze Kiat)
  • Children’s development

May 3: Cultivate joy in learning

The webinar helps parents understand how they can play an active role in their child's education by providing encouraging feedback on their learning progress. 

Speakers: Angela Yang, director of professional and education development at PAP Community Foundation; Flynn Sor, early learning expert, author and founder of @happytotshelf.

  • Well-being

May 4: Raise resilient children with 5Cs: Confidence, connection, character, coping and control

Help your kids develop essential skills, such as building confidence, fostering connections, developing a strong character, coping with challenges, and cultivating a sense of control.

Speakers: Alvina Chin, a family life educator at Mums for Life; Cheryl Ann Chan, a senior programme manager from PlayFACTO School.

  • School and study matters

May 5: Never too early to prepare for PSLE

Learn the key strategies that both parents and students can apply to prepare for the PSLE, from effective study techniques and stress management to creating a supportive learning environment. 

Speakers: Dr Annabelle Chow, a clinical psychologist from Annabelle Kids; Lee Meng Hui, a senior education consultant at Koobits.

Register for the free webinars here.

Source: CNA/ih