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19-year-old Singapore tech entrepreneur named in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Asia list

19-year-old Harsh Dalal is the co-founder and CEO of software company Team Labs. A total of 32 Singapore-based entrepreneurs, leaders and trailblazers made the list.

19-year-old Singapore tech entrepreneur named in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Asia list

This chief executive officer is the youngest in his company, bar the interns.

Forbes has announced its sixth annual 30 Under 30 Asia list, featuring 300 young entrepreneurs, leaders and trailblazers across Asia, all under the age of 30. The list consists of “bright and innovative” millennial and Gen Z leaders, who have “persevered and thrived despite global uncertainty”.

Among those featured on this year’s list is 19-year-old Harsh Dalal, the co-founder and CEO of Singapore-based software company Team Labs. The company employs 120 people across six countries, including Singapore.

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Its flagship product Xenon helps developers to collaboratively design, build and deploy digital products in the cloud. It has close to 70,000 users. 

Since 2017, Team Labs has raised US$9.8 million (S$12.9 million) from investors, including American venture capital firms Grand Canyon Capital and Startup Capital Ventures as well as sovereign wealth fund Korea Investment Corp.

Other Singapore names on the list include 28-year-olds Mohamed Afiq, Junkai Ng and Nathaniel Yim, co-founders of logistics start-up Janio Asia. 

Also featured on the list are 23-year-old silat athlete Sheik Farhan and 27-year-old Sazzad Hossaid, founder of social enterprise SDI Academy, which teaches English to migrant workers and equips them with computer skills and financial literacy.

Sheikh Farhan Sheik Sheik Alauddin. (Photo: Justin Ong)

Female nominees include 28-year-old Serene Cai, co-founder of digital health start-up Speedoc, and 27-year-old Oh Chu Xian, founder of Magorium, a start-up that gives plastic waste a new lease of life. 

Serene Cai, co-founder of Speedoc. (Photo: Serene Cai)

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The full list of Singapore-based successes include:

  • Harsh Dalal, 19, co-founder and CEO of Team Labs
  • Htay Aung, 29, founder of bike-sharing company Anywheel
  • Priyageetha Dia, 28, artist
  • Grace Ciao, 28, illustrator and founder of Grace Ciao Studio
  • Marilyn Chew, 27, calligraphy artist and founder of Eterate Calligraphy
  • Wayne Goh, 28, co-founder of farm-to-table platform Glife
  • Gaurav Bhattacharjee, 29, research fellow at National University of Singapore
  • Serene Cai, 28, co-founder of digital health start-up Speedoc
  • Chen Chee Yang, 29, founder of IVF start-up Carta Genomics
  • Shawn Li, 29, founder of medical technology company E3A Healthcare
  • Lu Kangjia, 29, research fellow at National University of Singapore
  • Vyasaraj Manakari, 28, Gururaj Parande, 27, co-founders of medtech start-up Magloy Tech
  • Oh Chu Xian, founder of plastic waste start-up Magorium
  • Devi Sahny, 27, founder of tutoring start-up Ascend Now
  • Mohamed Afiq, 28, Junkai Ng, 28, Nathaniel Yim, 28, co-founders of logistics startup Janio Asia
  • Jeff Young, 28, CEO of digital currency derivatives platform Bitwell
  • Sheik Farhan, 23, three-time world champion silat athlete
  • Sazzad Hossaid, 27, founder of social enterprise SDI Academy, which helps equip migrant workers with skills such as language, technology and financial literary
  • Edward Yee, 26, co-founder of social enterprise loan platform Givfunds
  • Vardhan Kapoor, 28, Head of APAC of money-transfer platform Remitly
  • Jay Lim, 28, Venture Partner of Berlin-based venture capital firm Global Founders Capital
  • Vishvesh Suriyanarayanan, 29, Dylan Tan, 28, co-founders of travel payments start-up Split
  • Wei Shi Khai, 27, COO of blockhain accelerator and investor Longhash Ventures
  • Yin Likun, 29, founder of fintech startup RootAnt
  • Kenath Priyanka Prasad, 29, founder of respiratory healthcare startup Prime Respi
  • Xi Liu, 28, founder of woman-focused sexual health platform Ferne Health
  • Chia Jeng Yang, 27, principal of venture capitalist firm Saison Capital
  • Levana Sani, 28, co-founder of genetics testing start-up Nalagenetics

Other Asian names listed in the list include K-pop singer IU and actor Joo-hyuk Nam of Start-Up fame from South Korea; the current world No 1 ranked women’s singles table tennis player Chen Meng from China; indigenous rapper Danzal Baker “Baker Boy” from Australia; Carmina Bayombong, co-founder of InvestEd Philippines which provides educational loans to financially disadvantaged youth; and India’s Pranav Bajaj, co-founder of Medulance Healthcare, which provides an Uber-like ambulance booking service.

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Source: CNA/st(ds)