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Aloysius Pang ‘precious’ to the family; priority is to bring his body home soon: Brother

SINGAPORE: The youngest of three siblings, Aloysius Pang was doted on and regarded as the "precious" one, said the actor’s elder brother on Thursday (Jan 24), adding that his family's top priority was to bring the 28-year-old's body home soon.

Aloysius Pang had been conducting repair work in a Singapore Self-Propelled Howitzer as part of his reservist training in New Zealand when he suffered serious injuries to his chest and abdomen. 

He died on Wednesday night. 

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“He’s the precious (one) of our family, the youngest (and) the most loved,” Kenny Pang told reporters at Changi Airport after flying in from New Zealand. He was accompanied by Dasmond Koh, the late actor's manager at agency NoonTalk Media. 

“What you see on television… that is who he is,” said the older Pang. “He is caring and devoted to his passion - that is the true self of Aloysius.”

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Kenny Pang also said that his brother was a filial and beloved son. 

Dasmond Koh (left) and Aloysius Pang's brother Kenny speaking to reporters at Changi Airport on Thursday (Jan 24). (Photo: Hani Amin)

“He was the one (that we) showered love on and he reciprocated (by showing) all the support and love to the family," he said. 

Aloysius Pang, who held the rank of Corporal First Class (CFC), was an armament technician with the 268th Battalion Singapore Artillery.

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An independent Committee of Inquiry (COI) will be convened to investigate the incident - the fourth military training-related death in 18 months. 

When asked if the family was waiting for more answers as to how the accident happened, Pang's manager Dasmond Koh said they did not want to comment as investigations were still ongoing.  

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“We cannot comment further until the next report is out. We'll take it step by step after all these reports are out,” said Koh. 

“For the time being, that is not our primary concern. Our primary concern is to get Aloysius back," he added. 


The older Pang said he did not get the chance to speak to his brother, who had slipped into an unconscious state by the time he reached New Zealand.

For the family, the past few days had been an emotional roller-coaster ride.

"There were a lot of ups and down throughout this trip,” he said. “(About) his first surgery, second or third, we were all very worried, whether it would for the best or for the worst.”

Aloysius Pang's manager Dasmond Koh chokes back tears during a press conference at Changi Airport on Thursday (Jan 24). (Photo: Hani Amin)

“None of us can be mentally prepared for any of this ... Now, it’s just for us to grieve," Kenny Pang added. 

Aloysius Pang began his career as a child actor at the age of nine. He took a hiatus, but returned to acting in 2012 and picked up awards along the way, including Best Newcomer at the 2015 Star Awards. 

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He was also among the group of rising stars picked by Mediacorp to form a new generation of male celebrities dubbed the Eight Dukes.

His fellow celebrities as well as fans have been flooding social media with condolences messages since news of his death broke. 

“We received a lot of fan support (and) encouragement. Aloysius would have been very grateful for the love shown to him,” said Koh, who asked, however, that the family be given privacy.   

Koh added that a memorial service may be held for fans and colleagues to pay their last respects to Pang and bid farewell.

“We will try to arrange a session for fans to say goodbye,” he said in Mandarin. “We will let everyone know if there’s something more definitive in the next day or two.”

In an update on Friday, NoonTalk Media said those who wish to pay their last respects to Pang can do so from noon on Saturday to noon on Sunday. 

A private wake for the family will be held on Saturday morning. 

"We respectfully appreciate the privacy given during this period," the management agency said on its Facebook page. 

Source: CNA/zl(hs)