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What to pack for a stylish Seoul holiday: Take your fashion cues from 9 Korean celebrities

From Squid Game’s Jung Ho-yeon and Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’s Shin Min-a to Blackpink’s Lisa and Jennie, here's how to look special for that long-awaited trip to Korea, whether it's for this winter or next year.

What to pack for a stylish Seoul holiday: Take your fashion cues from 9 Korean celebrities

Learn from tres chic Korean celebrities such as Blackpink's Lisa and Jennie and Squid Game's Jung Ho-yeon. (Photo: Instagram/lalalisa_m, jennierubyjane, hoooooyeony)

Thanks to the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) scheme, holidaying in Seoul is once again a reality for K-fans. But before you utter "saranghae, Blackpink/BTS!", there’s that daunting task of packing for the trip.

Bringing the right clothes will make all the difference, so think twice about stuffing your bags with thick sweaters and fluffy coats because of the cold winter weather (how many do you really need?).

Those will not only take up a lot of space in the luggage but it'll limit your style options. After all, it's been a long time since that last trip and you'd want to make this special – and looking like the Michelin man the entire time is not a good look.

Instead of relying on fuzzy memory or a faded pre-pandemic travel inventory, a more reliable and style-proof method would be to take your cue from the best-dressed Korean celebrities. From Squid Game’s Jung Ho-yeon to Hometown Cha-cha-cha’s Shin Min-a and Blackpink’s Lisa and Jennie, here's a quick refresher course from women who know how to get it just right.

But yes, pack something for the cold weather. Alternatively, bookmark this for next year's escapade, when the weather's warm enough to flaunt what you've got.


Should you pack a shirt or a jacket? Blackpink’s Lisa solves the fashion conundrum with a shaket that goes with pretty much anything and everything. This is smart casual easily done.


Clothes maketh the man but it’s the bag that maketh the woman. Picking the right bag can make or break your look when you're going around. Squid Game actress Jung Ho-yeon’s choice of a backpack ensures that she has all her essentials plus she looks chic any time of the day.


One common mistake women tend to make when packing footwear for holidays is turning only to comfort shoes. But those aren’t going to walk the right line for the ‘Gram. Hometown Cha-cha-cha’s Shin Min-a goes one up on walking shoes with instantly recognisable insignias. Sparkles are optional.


Who needs long pants when you can wear thigh-high socks? Blackpink’s Jennie schooled Blinks around the world on how to match her socks to her shirt. Now that’s a hard to beat twinset.


Instead of overpacking on extra tees and sweaters, make like Birth Of A Beauty star Han Ye-seul and bring along basics like tank tops, tube tops or bodysuits. These weigh next to nothing and work well under jackets, too-low sweaters as well as unbuttoned shirts.


When packing for a trip, it’s vital to bring along pieces that work across occasions. Enter the white shirt. Bring your own white shirt or just pinch one from your man. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’s Park Min-young wears hers oversized like a dress. The white shirt will work just as well with a pair of jeans or under an oversized jacket.


Don’t just pack the heavy, snuggly stuff. For Instagram-worthy nights out, take a cue from Netflix’s My Name star Han So-hee who looks pretty as a picture in a sheer, lingerie-esque number. Add a red lip and the amber glow of a dreamy sunset and voila, you’re ‘Gram ready.


Unless you’re travelling with a hairstylist in tow, chances are wash and wear is how you’ll be rolling. But don’t let bad hair days hold you back. Make the humble baseball cap your best friend. Yumi’s Cell star Kim Go-eun turns to her trusty cap whenever she goes incognito. Style tip: Pick a cap with a beak that is slightly curved to frame the face and create the illusion of a smaller mien.  


Korean drama fans must have noticed by now that no K-ensemble is complete without a sprinkle of accessories. Nothing too over the top, just simple, elegant pieces, unless you’re after the role of a menacing matriarch who rules her unparalleled corporation with an iron fist. Female lead wannabes should look and learn from the likes of Netflix’s Start-Up star Bae Suzy who just made a case for well-designed earrings as a solid investment and we’re here for it.


Source: CNA/yy