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Shrek-themed Crocs expected to be released this September

Using Crocs' Classic Clog as a base, the shoe will come with ear and nose attachments.

Shrek-themed Crocs expected to be released this September

Crocs has not officially announced its collaboration with the Shrek franchise. However, the shoes are expected to drop some time in September 2023. (Photo: Crocs)

Pretty soon, you'll be able to show the world that you're a believer. Multiple outlets are reporting that footwear brand Crocs is collaborating with the Shrek franchise to release Shrek-themed Crocs sometime in September.

The eye-catching footwear is expected to have Shrek's signature slime-green as a base colour, with a speckled patterning.

The slip-ons will also come with nose and ear attachments, modelled after Shrek himself, so that wearers can recreate his head on their feet. 

The Shrek-themed Crocs will also have a fur finish for its strap. (Photo: Crocs)

Crocs has yet to officially announce this collaboration. However, multiple sources are reporting that the ogre-rific shoes will be released via Crocs' website in September with a price tag of US$60 (S$82).

Released in 2001, Shrek tells the tale of how an unlikely ogre goes on to save a princess in order to regain his swamp. The movie went on to spawn a multi-million dollar franchise and holds the distinction of being the first-ever recipient of the Academy Award For Best Animated Feature.

In recent years, Shrek has become the subject of multiple viral memes and has amassed a huge online fandom.

Source: CNA/hq