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Don’t waste your unused makeup: How to repurpose that lipstick or eyeshadow

Is your vanity kit full of cosmetics that are just gathering dust? Here are some easy tips on how to put that forgotten lip balm, bronzer and more to good use.

There always seems to be a reason for buying more makeup than we really need – be it a beauty sale, the launch of a new collection of colours or irresistible limited-edition packaging.

With the dazzling variety of cosmetics that tempt us each year, few are disciplined enough to restrain themselves from adding just one more lipstick or two to their already cluttered vanity kit.

Of course, now that our lives have changed considerably due to the pandemic, makeup is less of a necessity – for some of us, at least.

But what do we do with all those cosmetics amassed pre-pandemic that have unfortunately been relegated to the back of the makeup drawer?

Cosmetics come with expiry dates. If they’re all just mostly collecting dust, why not repurpose them for another use that you can better appreciate for now, or to help deplete them before they are due to be chucked into the bin? Here are a few easy ways to do it.


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The cream formulas that come in the traditional twist-up tube can be used like a cream blush, provided they are a pink, red, brown or burgundy shade and nothing outre – simply dot the product on your cheekbones and blend well for a diffused flush.

The right way to use cream blush is to put it on after your foundation, if you are wearing any, that is. Then, to prevent it from getting rubbed off by your mask, set it with loose powder after you have blended it out.




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Accumulated stacks of eyeshadow palettes and not using them as often as you thought you would? Turn some of the colours that you hardly wear into eyeliner by spritzing your lining brush with makeup setting spray, dipping it straight into the pan and applying it to the eyelid. 

It’s a great way to try colours that you wouldn’t usually buy in the form of eyeliner – like green, purple or blue – without spending money unnecessarily.

You can even turn eyeshadow into nail varnish – simply scrape the powder out of the pan and mix it well into clear nail polish.


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A little tends to go a long way when it comes to face powder usage – unless you are a fan of the “face-baking” technique. This explains why most of us find it hard to go through an entire tub of it before its date of expiry.

Here’s how you can put excess face powder to use in another way – turn it into tinted moisturiser by mixing it with a dollop of your day moisturiser on your palm, and it’s good for application. Make sure you’re using a cream or lotion moisturiser though – a gel texture won’t work for this trick.


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Clear lip balm is really a multipurpose wonder product because of its salve-like and emollient consistency. Besides moisturising and protecting the skin on your lips, it can also be used as a brow wax to keep your arches tidy, to tame flyaway hairs to keep your updo neat, or as a spot treatment on dry skin, such as on the elbows and nail cuticles.

Happen to have an expired lip balm on your hands? Keep it on the ready in your handbag – it works great as a barrier salve to put on the back of your heels, so as to prevent shoes from chafing the skin or causing blisters.


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Bronzer, whether in cream or powder form and with shimmer or not, can actually make an excellent eyeshadow. It comes in varying shades of brown, which makes it a perfect neutral tone for the eyelids that works for practically every skin tone.

Those that are of a lighter brown can even work great as a powder blush, depending on the colour of your skin. Go forth and experiment with its multitasking qualities.

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