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Oscars 2019 fashion takedown: Who wore what (bathroom essentials)?

Pink ruled the red carpet, Awkwafina channelled Madonna channelling Prince, Lady Gaga got an upgrade, and loofahs, apparently, are tres chic.

Oscars 2019 fashion takedown: Who wore what (bathroom essentials)?

Is Green Book's Linda Cardellini looking a little a-loofah to you? (Photo: AFP)

The biggest stars of cinema descended on the Academy Awards red carpet on Feb 24 (Monday morning, Singapore time) to celebrate cinema’s biggest night.

But because there was no host to steer the Oscars this year, stars of pretty much every genre were also invited to, in essence, cause a beautiful distraction.

There were celebrities from the world of sports (Serena Williams), music (Kasey Musgraves) and, erm, tidying (Marie Kondo). Which meant more fashion to entertain us all. 

There were capes and jewels and more pink than you can shake out of a four-year-old girl’s backpack.

CNA Lifestyle takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the outfits that deserve extra attention. (Spoiler alert: The loofahs win.)

Prince is really flattered, ladies. (Photo: AFP)

Remember the Asian version of Material Girl in Crazy Rich Asians? Here’s Awkwafina with the live version.

Ring bell for service. (Photo: AFP)

This is Mark Ronson. He’ll bring your bags to your room, Ma’am.

Not all ideas that come to you in the shower are good. (Photo: AFP)

So... Linda Cardellini is wearing a loofah.

Is two a trend? (Photo: AFP)

And Kacey Musgraves wants you to know it comes in pink, too.

You were robbed, Glenn. Robbed. (Photo: AFP)

It's depressing that the closest Glenn Close came to winning an Oscar was looking like one.

Category is: Black tie realness eleganza. (Photo: AFP)

Billy Porter imagines what Diane Keaton would look like in a dress.

Joy being sparked in real time. (Photo: AFP)

There were actually 2,581 more sequins on this dress before Marie Kondo was done tidying.

Very hip. (Photo: AFP)

Ooh, the upgraded Lady Gaga model comes with armrests!

We'd call it a "she-pee" but it sounds rude. (Photo: AFP)

Gemma Chan, modelling valuable raw material used for making princess bed canopies. It’s like Vibranium for three-year-old girls.

Funny lady. (Photo: AFP)

And when the three-year-old girls grow up, they can move on to the Maya Rudolph collection.

Nice shoulders. (Photo: AFP)

Emma Stone demonstrates how to prevent getting tan lines on your arms.

Red menace. (Photo: AFP)

Rachel Weisz is not pregnant. But her Givenchy couture outfit fixed that.

Source: CNA/gl