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Catch 'em all: Shu Uemura teams up with Pokemon for makeup line

The limited edition Pikashu collection is hitting stores islandwide on Nov 1 but you can check out the pre-launch at Tangs on Oct 25.

Catch 'em all: Shu Uemura teams up with Pokemon for makeup line

The Pikashu collaboration between makeup brand Shu Uemura and Pokemon, (Photo: Shu Uemura/©2019Pokémon)

Love Pokemon and makeup? Then you’re really going to love this upcoming new release from Shu Uemura featuring the most recognisable Pokemon of all – Pikachu.

And the name of this electrifying tie-up? Pikashu – where “Pika” stands for the electric sparkling sounds in Japanese and “shu” is short for Shu Uemura.

Pikachu has festive makeup on. (Photo: Shu Uemura/©2019Pokémon)

You can get your hands on the Pokemon-themed makeup set at the pre-launch at Shu Uemura Tangs at Tang Plaza counter and from Oct 25. The collection will launch islandwide on Nov 1.

This special collaboration is a seasonal limited edition with each item encased in a special gold package.

Pikachu appears in dazzling gold with festive makeup, orange cheeks, red lips and purple eyes.

This isn’t the first time the brand has collaborated with a pop culture phenomenon. In 2017, it released a Super Mario Bros collaboration collection.

The Pikashu collection includes lipsticks, eye shadow palettes, makeup brushes and special packaging of their skincare products. Here are a few picks from the exclusive line.

These playful designs are sure to perk up any dressing table.

Source: CNA/sr