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Looking pudgy? You could be wearing the wrong tank top for your body type

Take your fashion cues from stylish celebrities Sammi Cheng, Jeanette Aw, Blackpink’s Jennie and Lisa.

Looking pudgy? You could be wearing the wrong tank top for your body type

These stylish ladies show how to do effortless chic. (Art: Jasper Loh)

Anyone can wear a tank top but not everyone will look good in it. So how do you ace this wardrobe basic

It all comes down to how it fits – and by that we don’t just mean S, M, L sizing but wearing what’s the most appropriate for your unique body shape.

Don’t worry about armpit fat, back bulge or a food baby cramping your style – there will definitely be a tank top that’s right for you. Scroll down to find that perfect match.


Pint-sized girls (lucky you!) who want their presence felt can turn to a blast-from-the-past trend that is finding its way back. Shoulder pads don’t just crank up the style quotient, it also has the uncanny ability to turn a casual tank into a formal-esque option, as demonstrated by actress Jeanette Aw.

For the non-pint-size cohort, know that the heft of the shoulder pads takes attention away from bulk elsewhere on the figure.


Necklines matter when it comes to standing out in a basic Betty tank top. For the well-endowed, a dip in the neckline draws attention to the, ahem, assets. 

The rest of us can take our cue from the queen of Cantopop Sammi Cheng, who turned tricks on a plain tank top with funky add-ons such as this asymmetrical bikini. 

You could also use the tank as a slip under tops or dresses that show too much skin.

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Here’s a tank top with a twist. The toga is best worn by curvy types who like to tease the imagination. 

Besides flaunting your figure, you’ll also want to show off that sexy collar bone. Pull hair back into a high ponytail or toss those flowing tresses to the back ala Blackpink’s Jennie lest it obscures the view. 


The late Godfrey Gao’s squeeze Bella Su shows us how a racerback tank should be worn – tight. An athletic body – toned arms and washboard abs – is a non-negotiable pre-requisite. 

But if clocking time at the gym is just not possible, then throw on a jacket, preferably denim or leather to keep up the casual cool vibes, to cover up the flab. 

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The halter neck style is made with the waif in mind. Do an armpit fat (fatty deposits around the arm pit region) check before attempting this neckline. If you’re one of those unlucky ones who suffer from this little problem, you’ll want to sit this trend out. Scroll on to try the muscle tank on for size instead.


Finally, a tank for all sizes. This men-inspired tank is best worn slightly loose for an androgynous spin. Tip: An oversized top gives the illusion of a slimmer you. That’s why we loving wearing the boyfriend’s shirt, right? 

Pair the oversized tank with a pair of tights or straight cut slacks as shown by Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang for an au courant Sporty Spice getup.

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